My Favorite Tool: A Brayer



If you ask me what my all time favorite Tool is …well besides my fingers ;) – it is a brayer. The versatility of a brayer is just immense. You can use it for printing, mixing colors together, stamping, background creating, you can make sure things get applied evenly, you can use it for mono printing, even painting. You can use it with acrylic paints, with inks, with spray paints, with acrylic media – it is just the coolest thing in the world :) Well…at least in my world. I even did once (2008) a whole class on brayer techniques and it was a lot of fun.

Here are three tutorials I posted the last couple months where the brayer played a big role :)

Positive/Negative Stenciling


Brayer Technique Background



Rubber Band Brayer Technique Background


So, what’s not to love about a brayer? ;)

Have a gorgeous day




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  • Cath


    Couldn’t agree more. I have spotlessly clean ones, semi-clean ones, ones so messy they are textured…love them all.


  • scrapinsue


    I’ve had one for years and really only use it to apply paint to a whole canvas or paper. I must try some new techniques.


  • Katia


    Love this amazing techniques, thanks for sharing!


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