Unveiling Three New Art Pieces

I added three new original artworks to my Shop – each with it’s own unique story to tell. Let’s dive right in and see what they are about:

1. #SistersNotTwins

  • Dimensions: 16×10 inches canvas
  • Framed: Yes

These twin houses, born from the same blueprint, have aged differently through time. Each bears the marks of its own unique story etched into their facades, creating a captivating puzzle of their shared past. In the heart of Jersey City, such architectural ‘sisters’ continue to whisper tales of change and transformation. Dive into the mystery and charm with #SistersNotTwins. See painting and more details in store.

Mockup image of #SistersNotTwins painting displayed in a wooden frame above a shelf adorned with decorative vases and candles, showcasing the artwork in a cozy living setting.

I have written about my fascination with #sistersnottwins buildings on my substack in case you want to read more about that.

2. In Full Bloom

  • Dimensions: 10×10 inches deep canvas
  • Framed: Yes

Step back in time to 1922, as Katherine Tennant, daughter of Judge George G. Tennant, exchanges vows in her Queen Anne home. The wedding was a splendid affair, with palms, autumn foliage, orchids, and yellow chrysanthemums adorning the venue. Immerse yourself in the romance and elegance of Katherine’s Wedding. See painting and more details in store.

Mockup image of the 'Full Bloom' painting, depicting a Queen Anne house with a turret, showcased in a wooden frame hanging from a picture rail on a wall, adding charm to the living space

I have written about my enchantment with Queen Anne houses with turrets on my substack.

3. American Brilliance

  • Dimensions: 10×10 inches deep canvas
  • Framed: Yes (not shown in image)

American Brilliance – named for its exceptional brilliance due to the high lead content of the glass – takes you back to a time of opulence and prestige. The Jersey Journal often mentioned people’s houses in connection with families who owned exquisite cut glass, symbolizing domestic grace and societal prestige. See painting and more details in store.

Mockup image of the 'American Brilliance' painting displayed without a frame on a wooden shelf, accompanied by three decorative vases, showcasing the artwork's scale and adding elegance to the room decor

I wrote about the painting and why American Brilliance Glass is so fascinating to me on my substack.

I hope you’re as captivated by these pieces as I am. If you have any questions or if one of these artworks speaks to you, feel free to reach out. Let’s find a forever home for these pieces- it would mean the world to me.

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