All of Sudden… or How to create a page about grief?

OK- this is a sad topic- but no worries- I keep it still light ;)

I was a while ago asked to create a page about grieving. It wasn’t the easiest part – I have to admit. I mean, Scrapbooking, ArtJournaling- all pretty personal, right and it is all making you vulnerable already…and then to put it out there about grief. mmmpfff…..I have to admit that I was for the first time hesitant to do something I was asked for. But then I thought, I should just give it a go and see – I can still decide to hold it back, right?

I decided to do a layout without picture about my feelings of my loss of my step father.


In short, my father died when I was 20 days old. My stepfather, who came later in my Mom’s and my life, was an amazing man- and a loving father, taking care of me as if I was one of his own children. He died when I was 25.

After a while you do not think every second, every hour, every day, every week, every month about the person you lost. But sometimes it hits you still after all those years without warning- and this is what the journaling is about.

My father for example loved to listen to his music sometimes pretty loud – I think I got my love for loud and heavy music actually from him – LOL. He had quite a big LP collection and we would sometimes in the summer sit together in our garden with open windows, listening to some cool music. Not sure if the neighbors thought it was cool, but he was for sure ranking as the “cool” Dad among my friends ;) We would meet at the same concerts…which was as a teenager a bit strange at times- LOL – because dang it – Dads are supposed to stay home and sleep so you can sneak in late ;) So sometimes if I hear certain songs – it just hits me and I think back and I miss him a lot! It is a weird mixture of sadness and happiness. I guess I don’t have to explain the Sadness – but: Happiness is because I was so fortune to have a person like that in my life and spent time with him to have those memories!

Supplies: Prima Shabby Chic Papers, Prima Vine, old Music sheets, Gesso, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Glam, Pink Paislee Dailee Junque Alphabet, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L

It was actually quite relieving creating this layout and I am glad I did it. Well – they say art and creating is therapy, huh? I think that is a pretty good excuse for spending all that money in art supplies, what do you think? LOL

Have you ever created a layout or project about grief?

Have a wonderful and happy day!



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  • Flitters


    Thank you for sharing this with us, Nat. Grief is what got me started on this path of art journaling, yet, ironically, I have not made a single page about my grief. My sweetie passed away three years ago, and yes, sometimes, it just hits me like a tidal wave, as if he just died yesterday. I sooooo terribly miss him, and it is quite a relief to know that I am not alone in this experience.


  • Debbie in AZ


    What a wonderful layout!

    After my brother’s best friend committed suicide, I made my brother an album about his friend and their lifelong friendship. I used old photos, momentos and many snippets of memories that my brother told me as the basis for the pages. I also included photos from his wake and a poem my brother read aloud that day that helped him grieve for his friend. I even asked him to help me make a couple of the pages too. After it was finished, he had it professionally copied and bound and gave the bound copy to his friend’s parents. They were very grateful for the good memories of their son and for my brother’s friendship. My brother treasures this album too. In short, we didn’t shy away from the sad and tragic parts but also celebrated the many good memories too.


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