Announcing New Series: Must-Have Mixed Media Supplies


Tomorrow I am starting a new series called: Must-Have Mixed Media Supplies.

I often get emails asking me about my favorite tools or supplies and I love those emails because they make me think of why I tend to use some supplies all the time.

Is it laziness? What is it about these items that make me grab for them whenever I create a Mixed Media Project?

One of the answers is “I use them because of their versatility of usage” .

I love supplies I can use in many different ways – they bring out the researcher in me, the experimenter, the crazy girl, the one that wants to know , to play, to create and to inspire others.

This is an updated and more informative version of my Mixed Media Essentials Series I  did a couple years ago :) In fact …it will be JAM packed ;)


Let me take you the next couple months on a little journey on my Must-Have Mixed Media Supplies and explain why I I use them, how I use them and where I used them.

Hope I will see you tomorrow for the first Post in this series!

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  • Kathy P


    Wow, cool! So looking forward to this information. Thank you for your ongoing sharing of such useful information with us here, Nat!


  • Lizzie


    Really looking forward to this- it promises to be really useful. Thanks


  • Denise Spillane


    This is great. I look forward to the series.


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