Atmen Atmen…Breathe Breathe

One of the things that people would say all the time to me while moving was “Breathe” – I have to say….It made me sometimes roll my eyes…because…LOL- “breathing breathing, everyday breathing… ” ;) To those of you who said it: Love ya – don’t take it personally – LOL – I know you meant well with it.



I had loads of fun with this canvas – and I used quite some fun materials like army duct-tape  and x-ray foil.



I gave it to my former office…hehehe- I think my old working buddies can relate ;)



Here are some of the supplies I used


BTW the x-ray foil is super sturdy and was the coolest material to do a project like this with this cut out and raised surface.
huge hugs

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  • Eniko


    Love this! I’m moving ay the moment myself…what a hassle! I may make one that says: Breathe DEEPLY” Love your techniques! I thought it was stained glass at first. xo


  • susan salyer


    Love this piece. Brilliant magnificent are talking aluminum foil right?
    Thanks for sharing marvelous art.
    susan s


  • Sue Clarke


    I just love the expression on the guy’s face on your canvas. I’ll have to check out x-ray foil now.


  • Gina


    Please let me know when your classes begin. I am only 20 minutes away! I am art starved,lol.


  • Maggie M


    What is x-ray foil? And where do you get it? Sounds like an interesting media:)


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