Colors Are Your Friends or let’s talk a bit of “my” Color Theory II

If you missed the first part of this series – you might want to check out this post first, so you know what me crazy girl is talking about ;)

So I introduced you to my friends Yellow, Blue and Red…let’s see who else is there.

My buddy Orange  is pretty social and communicative. Most of my friends like Orange. Orange also makes other friends stand out, Orange pushes them, but in a good way. Orange is warm and fun.

Next up is

Green is actually one of my very best and oldest friends. It is variable and contradictory at times. Green likes to blend in with my other friends, which makes it very easy to get along with green. Green doesn’t like conflicts and it is a good mentor to ease things. Green stabilizes. It is my most constant partner :)

Now next

I know, I know…some evil tongues say Black is not a friend aka color. Pah…that is bullying! Black is an awesome friend. It is all friends! Black is serious, and sometimes a bit humorless, but Black can be such a great supporter if you do not take Black to serious. Black also has this amazing ability to make other friends shine. Black in doses is awesome….but if you are around Black too much it might make you depressive so you have to pick your time with Black wisely ;)

Well…now that I introduced you to my friends- I will be talking about mixing and matching in the next “Colors are Your Friends” Post. Hope you enjoyed the first two parts :)

Now…is there a color I didn’t introduce that you think has a certain personality?



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  • marjiekemper


    What a fantastic post! I have been ‘saving as new’ about 14 of your posts as life got in the way and I didn’t want to miss one, hoping I could catch up. I was tempted over the last month to just clean out my inbox and chalk it up but I am SO glad I didn’t. Have totally enjoyed the last hour and change browsing, ogling, smiling, inhaling your art.

    This one is stunning with the way you’ve colored in the letters on STREET as one of about a dozen details that just pulls me in. Thanks for sharing, Nat – you are such an inspiration and you know if one person says it, there’s a ton more out there feeling it. Have a great weekend!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      ahhhh Marjie!!! Thank you for your sweet words- you comment just made my sunday morning. Thank you so much! Huge hugs to you and have a wonderful relaxed sunday!


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