DT-Work: Scary Halloween Projects *Tattered Angels*

Our assignment for September was to create something Halloween related and so I did :) SCARY!!!




















I had asked my friend if she would have some Halloween photos for me – since we do not really celebrate Halloween in Germany :) And there she had this wonderful vintage photo Halloween 1969 of hers- with the woolen Braids – so cute. I used a Glimmer Screen on the background and sprayed with Glimmer Mist and Glimmer Chalkboard over it. Then I brushed it with the Chandelier Glam here and there and sprayed again. The little textured and stamped areas are created with Heidis Texture Stamps– I soooo love those! I stamped tissue paper and glued it down with the Glam. For the tree I had used three of the beautiful new Fall colors – sprayed directly onto the Screen, then lift it, turned it and did a negative stamp on top of some paper. Then I stamped it with the haunted Tree from the beautiful Halloween Stamp set and cut the tree out.






















For this layout I sprinkled some of the Bordeaux Glimmer Glam onto the background. For the title I used the second layer of the Framed Fonts and sprayed, then cut out the letters. The spider was stamped with Glimmer Glaze, then oversprayed with the spider screen and Chalkbaord. I used a marker later.


*Happy Halloween*

For this card I used mainly the new Glimmer Mist Fall colors . I also used the spider net on the Chip Tile.The cat was like the spider stamped with Glaze, then overstamped with Archival Ink, sprayed with Glimmer Mist and the eyes in green colored with Glimmer Glaze.

Wishing you fun creating scary Halloween projects! :)

  • Sue Clarke


    I love Imagination…the way you did the title and the journaling!
    We have a spooky Halloween party to go to this Saturday night.


  • Karen


    I’m famous! They came out super cool Nat!


  • sylvia


    woo, spooky ;-)


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