Hamburg*End(si)e or …Exhibition Canvas #1


This is the first of my canvases I did for an exhibition here in Hamburg in August. Since I am moving to the States soon – I want to say good-bye to Hamburg by using things that are gone by now in Hamburg too or things that are Hamburg for me. Hence the exhibition name I chose- It is a wordplay which cannot be translated really ;)


This beautiful house was in a street that I worked and lived for a long time – it just got torn down- they are doing it as I write…I worked in this street for 13 years and I lived next to this house about 8 years. Every time I passed this house I thought how beautiful it would be to own this place. It had a little portuguese cafe in the front where I spent many fun hours with different friends drinking a yummie Galao and fresh pressed orange juice and eating delicious little pastries like Pastel del Natas.


I loved creating this canvas- it let me indulge in all those memories connected with this place …and unfortunately also crave portuguese pastries- LOL. Off to work on the next canvas :)

How did you say good-bye to places you moved away from?





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  • petyvic


    Dear Nat: I love the description of that special place! i can understand your fellings as i have moved several times with the difference that i can return there anytime. It is not easy to leave a house, neighborhood, place, etc., behind…Little by litte comes the adaptation to the new place. For the canvas, it is a beautiful one, and i love it…Hope the best for you and your dh at the new place…


  • Nurse Ratchet


    I have been pondering the word that I think best describes the awesomeness of this piece for a day, but nothing that pops into my mind truly states how amazingly talented you are, so all I have to say is thank you for sharing your art both online and in your incredible classes!! You are truly inspirational and I aspire to improve my art because of you!


  • Sue Clarke


    This is just beautiful…the colors and the building. Did you draw the building or is it a photograph? Simply wonderful. I have taken pics of places that I have moved away from and written the pros and cons of living there in my journal.


  • Jean Marmo


    This is so pretty and what a wonderful rememberence!


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