It took them a while…

“It took them a while, but finally they realized it was time to enjoy the flowers they had planted”.

I love this photo that I also found at a flea market and if you read my recent post about my auntie, I am sure you get the message ;)


For this canvas I tried out my new Liquitex Professional Spray Pain which were just released in Germany. You know I love love love spray paints…and acrylic paints.


I have been on the look out for acrylic paint sprays that you can use inside and that are of a nice quality- so when I got my little paws on those I had to try them right away…inside my studio…huge plus for spray paints in my opinion, as those are odorless :) It took me a couple attempts to get used to them…because they react a bit different from Graffiti Spray Paints I had used before or from other water based spray paints- but it was worth the tries. I love the colors- they are so vibrant- it makes my heart sing and the way how you can use them and mix them with Acrylic Paints and other media.


supplies: Liquitex Professional Spray Paints, Liquitex Gel Medium, Liquitex Acrylic Inks, Utee, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Photocorners, Ribbon and Canvas Fabric

Liquitex was so nice to give me five mini sprays for a giveaway in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – sorry my other friends- this time it is for those peeps only :) but you could still check in on the REVitup Postcard set – so leave me a message there .

So the following shortly in German:

Hinterlasst mir einfach einen Kommentar bis Freitag und lass mich wissen, dass Ihr in Deutschland, der Schweiz oder in Österreich wohnt und erzählt mir was Ihr mit diesen Sprays ausprobieren würdet :) Das Los entscheidet.

Are you enjoying the flowers you have planted?

huge hugs




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  • Eniko Farkas DeLisle


    Another fabulous piece! So excited to have spray paints available that can be used indoors! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Eniko


  • Conny


    Hi Nathalie,

    also indem ich nach wie vor die wohnung renoviere – ich würd sie beinhart in der wohnung anwenden *sie wissen wien ist anders* – mittlerweile bin ich draufgekommen die crafters schablonen sind super auch für wände – acryl und wohnfarbe kein problem – aufpassen muss man mit glimmer glam aber das geht schon ;-)

    GlG aus Wien


  • Gwen


    I could use them in my art journal and I am sure my son (who will start a Kunst AG in Dortmund shortly) will love them too. Take care


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