Lullaby Canvas or I better post this later in the day ;)

Some very good friends of mine have a new addition to their family  – I am sooo excited for and with them :)

For the little one I made this Lullaby Canvas – truly hoping they will like it…cause …I am sure the little one will not start throwing its rattle against it…or maybe it will? LOL

The canvas was inspired by the amazing Sue Pelletier and an old German Lullaby song “Weißt Du wieviel Sternlein stehen?” which means translated “Do You Know How Many Stars There Are?”

Here is the song for you…please do not listen to it before you finished your day tasks- LOL- remember it is a Lullaby song and I don’t wanna be responsible for your head falling down onto the keyboard…;)


ah …you know…I better make this post an evening post ;) …oh wait…evening in which part of the world? ….LOL

I used heaps of paint media – eager as always seeing how they work together ;)

PaintMedia: Liquitex Gesso, Derwent Inktense Blocks and Derwent ArtBars, Liquitex Acrylic Inks, Liquitex Heavy Gel Medium, Liquitex Super Heavy Body Paint  – FUN!

It was fun to work a bit more with burlap – I love that material and a new material for me: paper clay- which is what Sue Pelletier is very well-known for. Love the possibilities of this. The rest is old news…some tissue paper, metal pieces, wire, ephemera, fabric, canvas fabric and yet putting it all together and getting excited each day as a project evolves is fun. And my fave is thinking I make this for friends I love during the process. This canvas is full of fun memories of times I spent with the amazing parents of the little one. I so miss them here! Now hope they don’t read my blog- LOL- because the package is still traveling overseas.

Speaking of Lullabies…which comes to your mind?

Wishing you sweet dreams tonight :)




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  • sue pelletier


    hey art chica… looks wonderful! thanks for the shout out. would love to pick up some international art girls with on line classes.

    love your work and your spirit!
    sue pelletier


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      oh how sweet- love it- thanks for sharing Peg! huge hugs to Australia!Nat


  • Bev W.


    Love the eye candy when I visit!! What a fun canvas!


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