Photos are like a Rube Goldberg Machine or…Timeless Colors

For me some photos are activating memories like a Rube Goldberg Machine (auf Deutsch auch als Was-Dann-Maschine bekannt). I love this!

For example this photo of my cousin Isa and me in Italy shows a scene that I not remember. But it starts pulling up all kinds of fun memories.


Like the dress I was wearing- I loved this dress.I remember I wanted to wear it every day. I also remember that I wanted to be as beautiful as Isa when I grew up and I thought she was REALLY old (LOL- she was like 17 I think on that photo). I also remember the house and the garden and the dog that my Aunt Antionetta and Uncle Giulio had. Which then again reminds me that the stupid dog bit me in the head when stupid me stuck my head into its dog house to check out the puppies. That actually reminds me that this is a good excuse for a lot of things, and I should use it more often. Which reminds me on the time when I burned my shoulder on Aunt Antionetta’s gas stove – how I managed that- no idea. But I remember that she put half a potatoe on my shoulder to heal it, which probably was a weird thing to do, but when I look at my shoulder there is no scar left. This then again reminds me that I could never say Zia Antionetta (Zia means Aunt in Italian) as a kid, so I said Zianetta – and that I actually believed that was her real name till I was 10 or so and then I got it.  Remember, I got bitten in the head by a dog… things take a bit to sink in ;) This photo also makes me remember one of my comfy foods, as that is what we had sometimes along breakfast – fresh olive oil with fresh lemon juice on a self baked white bread with a little bit of salt. I kid you not, when I feel I need comfy food, that is what I eat. It reminds me on my cousins Franco and Alessandro and that Alessandro who was just a couple of years older than me was always way faster than me when we had to wash our hands before eating and that he locked the bathroom door . Which I found really unfair because I had to wait till he was done and was always late for the meals. Which reminds me that this is also the reason why I have a crooked several times broken and operated finger, because one day I was a bit faster and I squeezed in my little finger into the door angle, which he didn’t know and he locked the door, thinking I was yet again throwing a tantrum because I didn’t make it faster into the bathroom. Which reminds me this might be the reason why I love to have all doors in our apartment to be open ;) – It can go on and on….


And that is one of the reasons why I love to work with photos and take my time with all the techniques on the project…it let’s me dwell on the memories triggered by the photo while working on it.

The canvas was a workshop called Timeless Colors that I retired after spring.

Do you have Rube Goldberg Machine Photos too or is that just me because I got bitten by dog into my head when I was a child? ;)

Have a gorgeous day

Huge hugs




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  • Sue Clarke


    So sweet and no, you’re not the only one.
    So you liked to wear dresses even as a little girl.
    PS: Never stick your head into a dog’s house (especially when she has recently given birth to puppies).


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      LOL- thanks for the reminder! BTW I hated dresses in my phase between cute Nat -and now Nat – called punky-tomboy nat phase ;)


  • mjmarmo


    Such a gorgeous background!


  • Barbara


    Reading your rememberances took me right with you, visiting your aunt and cousins as a little girl. Your words are so honest they make your memories glow. Thanks for taking us with you!


  • Janet


    I read every word! Very entertaining! And it reminded me of my aunt jejy, I couldn’t say her name either! Great memories! Photos are great that way. Thanks for the reminder to use the old ones more often!


  • Charlotte


    That was so lovely to hear the chain of memories that the picture reminded you of. I get that quite a lot – you can’t remember the scene photo ever actually happening, but it must’ve done. Reflecting on all of those memories while working on the layout must be really nice. A really nice photo, and I love the layout and the colours. Great words as well. I think my project at home over Christmas is going to be to dig out some old photos :) Hugs x


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