Spinning, Pouring, Stringing or…How to turn an LP into a Birthday Card

Lot’s of birthdays of dear friends are coming up the next couple weeks finally to celebrate the big 40 was my friend M.

Well – while playing and showing possibilities with some paint media for some Bonus Techniques for Lesson 7 of the Über*Media Acrylic Paint Online Workshop I created this LP Birthday Card for him

This photo is cracking me up at the party – funky M. on the left and funny crazy S. on the right- LOL ;) BTW- that was not the reaction to the birthday card – snigger ;) I think I said something stupid…LOL

It was a fun party…just a bit too cold outside …but we are true Hamburgers…if it says it’s May on the calendar it is time for BBQ outside, no matter how the weather turns out and even if it is a chilling 8 C (46 Fahrenheit) ;)

Here are some details of the LP

It was fun working with Liquitex Acrylic Paints, Inks, String Gel and Pouring Medium – and there are so many fun things you can create with it.

What was the most “unusual” material you ever created a birthday card with?

Have a gorgeous day




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  • Sue Clarke


    Rock’in b-day card for sure Nat. I used b-day candles on a card once. Not unusual per say but I usually put them on the cake (not the card).


  • Bev W.


    This is totally cool! Looks like a lot of fun! I think you have me beat as far as the most unusual..lol! Love it Nat:)


  • Riikka


    Great card – love the texture of it!


  • Marja Seidemo


    well, it wasn´t really a birthday card, more a Hello-card to a friend but years ago i filled a vintage glove with plaster and before it had set i put a letter in a roll with a satin ribbon around it, in the glove/hand. It was sooo heavy and very expensive to ship..It was worth it though, he got very happy:-) I think he kept it for all these years..


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      How cool Marja! I am sure that was REALLY heavy- lol- but the idea is so cool – think about putting it on a canvas!


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