Take the Second Floor Challenge – Golden Acrylic Paint

If you missed yesterday’s post about What the Second Floor Challenge is – here you go :

  • Julie & I have made a one-year commitment to each other and our “Second Floor” project.
  • Every few weeks we will issue a challenge (just something to spark some creativity – sometimes starting without a prompt can be very intimidating).
  • Your assignment is to take that challenge and make some art.
  • Here’s the most important part: at some point you need to “take it to the second floor.”  What does that mean?  It means trying something vastly out of your comfort zone.  Doing something that might not work.  Experimenting with a crazy idea.  It’s all about pushing yourself.  If it works, awesome.  If it doesn’t work, awesome!
  • If you want to participate publicly, we’ll have a linky list for each challenge. If you don’t want to participate publicly, that’s cool too.  It takes a lot of courage to put yourself – not necessarily at your best – out there.
  • We have a private flickr group set up for those of you who want to share sort of publicly but within the safe confines of a private group.  If you want to join the group, you will need to e-mail to secondfloorchallenge(at)googlemail(dot)com we’ll send you an invitation.
So let’s start :)

For our first challenge we decided to go with the Challenge to

“Use Golden Acrylic Paint”

I usually only use golden Acrylic Paint as accents. I use them through a stencil to tie elements together or to paint a frame or the edges, or just a tiny embellishment. So this challenge let me think of actually painting the whole background of my paper golden in order to do something differently.

I gave it some texture by cooking the acrylic paint and also using rub ons before applying the paint. As I had watered down the golden acrylic paint a bit in order to reveal the Rest-Print on the paper and also the rub ons – the paper got a bit wrapped- and to tell you the truth – I do not like that – I do like the cooking though :)

So it could have been done as it was like this- but then decided to take it to the 2nd Floor.

I used twine and rolled it also in golden acrylic paint. I was a bit afraid that the golden acrylic paint would harden the twine too much in order to be still able to twirl it in the forms I want it. But no problems – after it dried I easily applied it in loops to my layout.

And here is the end result:

For me it looks more finished now and I liked using some of the extra golden paint on my twine. The Layout is a bit more shiny as you see it here.

What did I learn from this challenge:

  1. Golden or I would assume any metallic paints painted on big areas are hard to apply because you can see the direction of how the paint was applied and it makes it look messy and uneven. So next time I would definitely use a different tool and try to only paint in one direction.
  2. I like how the Resist Print and Rub-Ons are peaking through and in generell I like the golden color.
  3. Next time I would not water down the paint too much as to avoid the paper to wrap and adding a messy feeling to it.
  4. Although the twine rolled in golden paint was still workable, I do not like the look of it…it looks dirty – I would not do this again…

I used the following supplies for my Remember This Layout:

Not linked: Tattered Angels Paper, Package Twine

Check out Julie’s blog with her result here

If you want to play along with us show us your project here on InLinkz or on the  Second Floor Flickr Group:


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  • Eniko Farkas DeLisle


    Nat, I took the challenge & wrote about it on my blog…I think it’s a swell idea! Looking forward to the next challenge! xo


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