Winding Down the Year: My Top Ten Creative Results 2015

It has become a tradition of mine and other blogger friends to wind down the year with some  Top “insert number”- Lists of work , posts and photos, before the year ends. It makes me go back and look at what I have done and accomplished and it also makes me dwell in memories. Too often we forget about the things we did and accomplished throughout the year- often just bashing ourselves for not fulfilling all the wonderful new year’s resolutions from last year.  Maybe this makes you wanna do it too – if so – share :)

In no particular order here my personal faves of my art journal pages and paintings:

1. High Line – Mixed Media Painting

I fell in Love with the background a soon as I had it laid down, causing quite some struggle to let go and go ahead- but that is why I like it the more :) Not my usual color scheme, but one that I am glad I plaid with.

2. Good Bye – Art Journal Spread

I love the grungy yet romantic feeling of this page and I had a good time getting some journaling out in an obscured way.

3. Stay Out of The Drama – Art Journal Spread

I loved playing with different media and my Stampendous Stamps and Stencils and the drama of the red dress…the only drama which you might wanna get into ;)

4. Reality – Art Journaling Spread

Speaking of Red …This one is also one of my favorites, I did a lot of collaging in the background and I just love how this one came together.

5. The Real Weird Magical Person – Art Journaling Spread

I made my own building stencil and layered it and did positive and negative imagery with it – I love the bold black and the almost translucent magical person ;)

6. Girlfriends – Art Journal Spread

This is another page that I really like- I like the journaling in the middle of the spine – and the difference yet similarity of the pages. Also some white space…which I know, is unusual for me.

7. On My Way Home – Art Journal Spread

HA- I guess I really liked my building stencil…which btw is based on the Jersey City Powerhouse. I do love the background and how the building really is prominent in here.

8. Finally Be You – Art Journal Spread

It is kinda scary but kinda cool – and I love the texture and layers.

9. State of Mind – Art Journal Spread

hahaha- I know I am a weirdo, but this one just makes me laugh every time I see it. I guess…the title is fitting ;)

10. 2 Tallest – Mixed Media Painting

This is a bigger painting, so it doesn’t translate well as a photo on a blog. I like the colors and I achieved what I had in mind when I was going for only a small city skyline. I had a good time creating it.

What I learned:

I definitely took more of the things that I explored in my art journal onto a canvas. I also did more hidden or obscured journaling which I find a great exercise in the morning to start the day and also do something creative. I also learned that starting off with playing in the art journal before continuing painting on canvas, freed me up and made me ready to start. A good habit to keep.

My goal for 2016:

My goal for 2015 was working in general on way bigger surfaces- but that didn’t work out too well. I really want to make an effort to do that in 2016 …a bit hard in a small studio space, but I will figure it out. I also just want to paint more …when I looked at my work in 2015 I realized that I did pay less when I actually thought I had, not a big surprise given that I was traveling madly for workshops this year and an art journal is bit more handy to lug around ;) Cross fingers 2016 will be the year of bigger paintings

Hope you had fun joining me in winding down the year. If you did it too- share with me- I would love to see your best of list!

I hope I see you at Creative Jumpstart– starting tomorrow and wish you all a

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!!


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  • chesley


    Nathalie…do I see Stencil Girl in your future? As you designing stencils…buildings, in particular? I would love to have asset of these….very awesome work!


  • Jenny Petricek


    Beautiful, gorgeous pages–each and every one is so inspiring! I think it’s amazing to look at the pages of art journals, and to see the ways in which artists try new techniques, color palettes, and styles. Thanks for posting all of them!


  • Joi@RR



    Oh how I loved seeing all of these. Each one is special in a different way. My very favorite is the first one – the high line. You are so right – that background is spectacular. And the buildings – they just put me in a state of awe… I love everything about those buildings. But you know how much I love your buildings.. Your building stencil is sooo great – I so enjoy when you use it. And the large painting is stunning – WOW.

    So after we leave the buildings…. it gets harder but… I believe my next favorite – you won’t believe it…. is “state of mind”. It reminds me of me!!! I used to be so concerned about being “right” and “proper” when in reality – I never was… I am just so “weird”! BUT, I finally realized – that’s ok. It’s me and I can’t change it!! So – this journal creation really speaks to me. And… that’s one thing I love about you Nat – you are just YOU – and I like YOU too!!!

    And then….next fav – “stay out of the drama”. Sheer perfection there – the background – the gal – the sentiment – it’s just says it all in such a fabulous way.

    Each one of these is just wonderful in it’s own way… such a GREAT way to start my New Year – seeing your FANTASTIC creations. Thanks bunches. Wishing you a BLESSED, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS and BRIGHT 2016 with LUSCIOUS SURPRISES along the way!! Hugs. j.


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