Project 365 – Week 4

Was für eine Woche – ausgefallene Heizung im Büro, Arbeit über Arbeit und glücklicherweise auch viel zu lachen und zum Erfreuen- na seht selbst :)

What a week – a nonfunctioning radiator in the office, work over work and luckily a lot to laugh  and be happy about – but see yourself :)


hahaha- Monday Morning and I can’t stop laughing. This is hilarious!


a good reason to crack open an aged Westvleteren from our beer cellar :-)


I received a very touching letter with this cute photo and was asked to be a godmother …who can resist?


Ok – as Grand Canyon is calling my name- LOL – I start eating healthier now!


yuckie wet snow – I got soaken wet on my way home from work – there was no sign that morning for this!


LOL – I see a layout coming!


My tea of the day. Fire Rings – from Tao of Tea , Portland. Tea comes from Southern Hunan, China. The tea leaves are hand crafted into small rings. Each leaf is wrapped around a bamboo dowel and roasted over low heat to maintain the shape. Only a small quantity are made per day by each artisan tea-maker. Soooo goood!!!!


wishing you a gorgeous sunny sunday!

  • christiane


    hehehe!! LOVE the shots – especially the first one!! :D


  • Karen Auld


    Jim is going nuts! That’s OK. Keep eating your salads and we’ll go to the GC without him. Who am I kidding, we’d be lost!


  • AlexM


    I really love the selection of this week! So many good, touching and funny stuff… Thanks for sharing with us pieces of your life!


  • heather


    Well, that looked like quite a week. I loved the beer cellar, the tea (of course), and godmothering.

    As for the snow…we have our own and it is pretty…when you are inside! ;)


  • Janine Wahl


    Neat picture Nat. Congratulations on being a godmother!


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