Project 365 – Week 3

Die Bilder dieser Woche sind ja sowas von langweilig – LOL – aber ich habe das Gefühl, wenn ich diese nicht zeige, dann gebe ich auf – also….pffffff. Langweilig sind die Photos weil diese Woche einfach super stressig war und ich irgendwie immer im letzten Moment daran dachte ein Photo zu machen – so im Dunkeln und unmotiviert- LOL.

The pictures of this week are so so boring- LOL – but I have the feeling that if I don’t show them anyway I give up – so….pffff. The photos are boring because it was such a stressful and busy week and somehow I was always reminded late to take a photo – mostly when it was dark and I was unmotivated- LOL.


I got up really early so I could start working on stuff and I was grumpy till I saw this.


Nothing worse when going to work when it is dark and coming home when it is dark – yikes!


played with chalk for a cool new project :-) Photo…bad…I know…but hey – I don’t have a photostudio – LOL


After realizing I have bad hair day several  days in a row I made an appointment at the hairdresser. So let’s take a photo of bad hair do :-)


That day time was against me- LOL. And if I look at my watch on this photo that is no surprise…the date setting is wrong there!


A new hairdo. I have not really said anything but she cut my hair super short this time. No more pony tails :( I’m kind of sad!


What would I do without coffee????


OK – nächste Woche hoffentlich besser- LOL. Euch noch einen schönen Sonntag!

OK – so next week hopefully better -LOL. Wishing you a wonderful sunday!

  • Fienchen


    Ich finde deine Bilder absolut toll !!!
    Und deine neue Frisur sieht bestimmt klasse aus – du musst dich sicher nur erst mal daran gewöhnen. Aber ich bin jetzt sehr neugierig, wie es denn so richtig aussieht – ist ja nicht viel zu erkennen ;o)


  • heather


    Hey there. It was all fun and I like your hair. I also cut mine to no pony tail length a while back – buy some fun hair clips.

    I have to mention< I love seeing the Europe looking things it makes me miss my other home.

    Hugs as always.


  • julie(lalscrap)


    i LOVE every single photo!! i think they are very creative and i can’t wait to see when you are having a good week! ;D


  • Chimene Vink


    I love the first photo!!!!!!!
    What an amazing colors!
    And your hair looks great!!

    Thanks for your comment at my blog:)

    XXXX Chimene


  • Michelle Rydell


    What are you talking about? Your photos are AWESOME as usual! I love your mix of people shots and things and that sunrise girl – WOWWWW!!!

    P.S. Your short hair is cute!


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