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Special Feature: Interview mit Corinne Delis

Heute haben wir ein Special-Feature: ein Interview mit Corinne Delis – vielen bestimmt bekannt durch ihre wunderbaren frischen Layouts. Ihre Galerie ist bemerkenswert!

Today I welcome Corinne Delis.


Corinne lives in Alkmaar, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

She is 31 years old, married, and mother of 2 sons. Corinne runs her own business named Scrap&Co and is also a freelance designer/scrapbooker for two Dutch scrapbook magazines: ScrapAmore and Scrap magazine. Her work is also published in several American magazines, such as Creating Keepsakes, Legacy, and Memory Makers Books. She is a design team member for cherryArte, Scrapworks and De Creatie.

Hello Corinne, dankt u dat u me een gesprek geeft! Jammer genoeg spreek ik het geen Nederlands, daarom nu hier op het Engels.

How long have you been scrapping? How did you get into the hobby? And how would you describe your style?

I started to scrapbook in May 2004. I saw it one year before on Oprah, so when my friend mentioned it I knew what it was. When she showed me the patterned paper, I knew I was in trouble! I have to say I am not a real craft person. Never came into a craft store before the scrapbook virus kicked in. My friend who started this stopped with scrapbooking within 6 months. I have found my passion and am hooked for life!

I do not think I have a real style. I tend to let the picture or my mood speak. This can resolve into a simple layout, a freestyle layout or a shabby-chic layout. I do love lots of color at the moment and try to let the pictures pop out of the page in every layout.

What was your first layout and can we see it?

Hahahahahaha, ok I have never even took a picture of it, but for you I pulled it out of my first album to show it. Now promise not to laugh! It is way over embellished and it is about my son going to feed the ducks with his grandfather.


Corinne, in the beginning of 2006 you decided to quit your job and make scrapping your main profession. What did you do before this? Can you tell us something about your business?

I worked at a big electricity company as a call center girl. I talked all day with people who were in trouble with their bills or who were disconnected from their electricity. So not a job for me, but it brought in some money. I started my own business in March 2005, called Scrap&Co. I already gave workshops at home and I wanted to do more with my scrapbooking and designs. But the dreams I had in mind were not able to fulfill since I just had too little time to work things out. So when I quit my job this May things really started to go into the right direction, right were I want them to go. I hardly teach any workshops at home anymore, mostly on request at stores or events and am very busy with creating my own designs.

Corinne, you are also in the Design Teams for Cherry Arte, Scrapworks and De Creatie and you are freelancer for two Scrapbook magazines. Could you tell us what your day looks like? How do you organize it and how you can be so productive?

Since I quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom, I have more time to scrapbook. I am a daytime person so I love to scrapbook during the day. I scrapbook or work behind my computer when my youngest is asleep or in kindergarten. I am lucky to be a fast scrapbooker so I get things done in the time I have. When I do not have any time to scrapbook I get really cranky. I always work on the deadline. I hate it but love it all the same. Knowing that it needs to be done that day makes me go into overdrive and I always finish just in time.

Where do you get your inspirations?

I get my inspiration from everything around me. People, books, TV, ads, colors, you name it! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a good idea and I just have to write it down. It is always on my mind.

What, scrapbooking-related, is your proudest accomplishment?

I just created my own stamps for De Creatie for in their Scrapbook Kit (will be available on the 1st of September, 2006). They will also be on sale through her store. I love to design so this was a great opportunity for me and I have some other opportunities coming my way in the near future that are even better!

How developed is scrapbooking in the Netherlands? Do you think that this will become as big as in the United States?

I think we are getting better and better in the Netherlands. There is lots of talent I think. I have no idea if it will turn out to be as big as in the United States, but I do think it is not a thing that will fade away.

What do you think is becoming a trend in the future or what would you like to see becoming a trend?

I love the freestyle trend at this moment. I also would love to see more layouts in magazines with more heartfelt stories about the difficulties we deal with in every day life.

Is there anything you would like to add ?

I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to my sweet husband Raymond who made it all happen for me to fulfill my dream.

Thanks Corinne!

  • audephil


    Thanks Nat for introducing me to Corinne’s work! Awesome galery and awesome interview!


  • dani


    Hi Corinne!! hope you read this: I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! thank you for doing this interview and giving us a little insight!

    Danke Nat für das Interview – klasse Idee!!


  • Svenja


    Oh Nat, I love you for doing this interview! ;-) I always admired Corinne’s work and her funky style.


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    thanks for doing this, nat:-)

    and THANX to corinne for her great job!! like to see more!!


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    great work corinne!


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    Ooooh I loe Corinne! Thanks for putting this in English, too!!


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    thanks nathalie for asking me, loved doing it for you!



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