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Inspiration Overload or…a Day in NYC

julie and Nat

Last Wednesday I took the PATH from Jersey City where I had also a fun day on Tuesday to New York City and visited my friend Julie Fei Fan Balzer. I love spending time with her. Not only is she an amazing artist, always happy to share and help with her never-ending knowledge and input, but also as a real friend. It is just the best to hang out with her.

Every time I visit her I get struck by the beauty of her art – in real life even more awesome. These two pieces were my favorite :)



After some chatting we went to MoMA. Not before takings some elevator photos- as those are Julie’s daily routine. As you can see…this needs practice – LOL



I love MoMA and every time you go there is something new to discover. This time Julie gave me her 1 Dollar tour…which she never got- although the tour was worth more…oh well…lol- ssssshhh ;)


Cat and Bird by Paul Klee. I love the color choices



Marc Chagall


Paul Klee – I believe- awesome weaving!



Edvard Munch: The writing on the pre-study touched me – and it somehow for me belongs together with the painting

Geschrei: Ich fühlte das große Geschrei durch die Natur

Scream: I felt the big scream passing through the nature



my absolute fave by Paul Klee: Vocal Fabric of the Singer Rosa Silber

After all that we needed a little lunch break -nom nom pouched shrimps


and then we went to Rockefeller Center with a short glimpse of the tree. Here is a little tree parade – all what I saw that day in NYC:


THE tree, shortly before the lighting of the tree


awesome lego tree


Radio City Hall Tree lit on the way to Pen Station shot out of window of taxi cab



Anthropologie Tree with nice mirroring building

Speaking of Anthropologie- which is one of my most favorite inspiring stores, there is no visit to the States for me without going to Anthropologie. This time I have been in 3 locations- LOL. NYC, Montclair – NJ and Palm Beach-FL – call me obsessed ;)



These boots were calling my name- until I saw the price tag- ahem, then the voice got more into whispering mode ;) . But aren’t they just beautiful?




I want this fox – I love foxes :)
















Funky bunny ornament







I would love to have those for my drawers in my craft room!







Felt Garland





From there we went back to record the Adventures in Arting: Globally Thinking Podcast .



And after some tea and a bit more chatting  with Julie and her Mom Eileen,  I had to go home :( SAD…..Thank you Julie for an awesome day full of inspiration! I so can’t wait to see you soon again.

What is your favorite inspirational store?

huge hugs


  • Michelle Hernandez (@willieburgscrap)


    I CANNOT BELIEVE we were at Rockerfeller Center at the same time on the same day!!!! The crowds were crazy so it would have been a miracle to have bumped into you. I was with my 3 year old daughter and we spent most of the time sitting on the floor in the Lego store. I don’t think I would have stopped you though- it would have been strange. But fingers crossed we’ll bump into each other on your next visit- we frequent the same places! I LOVE Anthropologie!!! There are 3 other stores in Manhattan and each does it’s own display so I often go on a “tour” just to see what the current display trends are. Last time I went they had gold dipped rubber tree leaves hanging from the ceiling- it was an amazing sight!


  • Jessica


    I live just over the river in New Jersey! Next time you visit Julie, I’d love to see you!!


  • SusanJane


    Actually it’s not a store at all. Free even. Clouds. Especially cirrus clouds which are those long whisky ones made out of tiny ice crystals high up. But there are so many types of clouds. Of course clouds make the best sunsets. Ever seen a sun dog? They are the small lone clouds that float all by themselves at sunset. When ever I feel awe and wonder I feel inspired. Having it be free is priceless.


  • Isabel LopezDel RinconTroussel


    I Love, love, love NYC in December…! Did you also see the Christmas tree at the MET? It usually is amazing! If not, well, at least you went to the MOMA, another of my favorite places in that city! And also the Folk Museum, the Bronx Botanical Gardens…. Oh, and one of my inspirational stores is MOMA Design Store (as is any other museum store… Also, a couple stores in SoHo: Leekan Designs and The Enchanted Forest… not sure if they still exist… Oh! and Pearl Paint of course!!!


  • mjmarmo


    Looks like fun!!


  • Mariana Granoni


    Moma is my favourite museum, LOVE IT. Great photos Nathalie. I’m a huge fan of both of you. Merry Christmas! and a Very happy new year!!


  • lisa


    Hi Nat, looks like you had fun : ) Love the fox and the bunnies : ) xx


  • Mary Werner


    Paint your own pair of boots – I bet you and all of us would love them even more!!!!!!


  • Martha Richardson


    I’m so glad that NYC survived after the 2 of you got together…DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!


  • rains


    I just toured those same stores while visiting with my 12yo son in Sept! We went to Anthropologie (for me, could only afford some clearance sunglasses, but they’re purple and wonderful) and to the lego store for him. Both were sooo inspiring and I took many pictures of the displays. Also, the candy store in Rockefeller Center that has been there for decades. They make amazing paper animals in which to wrap an individual chocolate. That’s soo inspiring to me. I loved seeing your day with Julie. Thanks for sharing.


    • rains


      Oh! And MOMA! I go there every time I get to NYC and it is the most inspiring of all museums, to me.


  • Sue Clarke


    Yeah, another post with my two favorite creative ladies (together)!
    I love the Lego tree and the rabbit from Alice and Wonderland (the one with the spy glass).
    I find inspiration while at Barnes & Noble since that is where I purchase Somerset Memories. Also at a local gift shop which has local art and awesome jewelry. It is called the Andovers Gift Shop.
    Fun post Nat.


  • Marit


    Oh wow, I would love to spend a day at the MoMa… even more now that I’ve seen your photos! Gorgeous and inspiring! Thanks!


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