Back in Time, Joshua Tree National Park and how to enjoy life

Let me show you the second part of my California vacation before I finally show you tomorrow some CHA pictures ;)

When we came out of the Death Valley National Park – and I repeat again- every corner looks the different – after a couple miles ;) – we saw this cool cloud formation – doesn’t that look like a person? I thought it was sooo cool!


We did a little detour onto Route 66 on our way to Joshua Tree National Park and btw- we just recounted and that was number 16 of visited National Parks in the US – wowser. I also counted again and figured I visited so far 34 States in the U.S. – I think now I really wanna visit all States in my life :)

So on Route 66 you can find some treasures like this – The Road Runner’s Retreat

And while we were standing there, wondering when the Road Runner’s Retreat might have been the up and running place a car stopped and a  guy talked to us. He said he saw the car from far away and thought we were the owner and that he actually was looking for the owner because someone wanted to use this as a photo set (I can see that ;) ) . We asked then when this was left and he said in the 60s. Fun – I wish I could see a picture of how this place looked back then.

A couple of miles later you find this gem in Amboy

That was the coolest place ever- I tell you something, If we had had more time- I would have gotten into my suitcase to take out my vintage 50s dresses for a photo shoot. Sooo cool. The owner actually bought the whole place not too many years ago and found the whole furniture / registration area still intact and he preserves it very well.

Can you tell I’m excited about this place?

So finally Hubs was able to drag me away and we arrived in 29Palms next to the Joshua Tree National Park…and ohhhh my…another preserved place build in 20s where stayed. We had a nice cute little Adobe house to ourself- the furniture and bathroom almost all orignal furnished- which some people were writing negative reviews about- but oh gosh I loved looking into this chipper old mirror and brushing my teeth over this old worn out sink.

I also loved the swimming pool area – and the reception- original too – maybe the swimming pool a bit later. We spent some nice time there

We spent two days in the park- hiking and checking it out- it was sooo cool! we also saw a coyote pretty close while sitting in the car and chatting – but oh that hurts- I did a nice shot of its face looking directly at me  and then ….accidentally deleted the picture- I’m still crying! Here is the one I didn’t delete- can you see it?

I love those Joshua tree- every single one looks different and it was really a view I didn’t get tired off. There is something magical about those trees!

Different sorts of cacti

And some came with a warning sign to not get too close! – You bet I didn’t – LOL – cause I’m already afraid of needles and I’m a sissy if it comes to being injured by stuff like that.

And then it was time to make our way to Los Angeles- Anaheim where we met a cousin for an awesome lunch and hubs waived good bye to me. so as promised CHA pictures tomorrow :)


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  • Lisa


    What a fun adventure! Love the pictures–it is amazing the bits of history that survive. Your husband is from New Jersey, I think you’ve mentioned? I’d love to hear your love story, how you met, how you handled the compromises of trans-continental roots. :)


  • Sue Clarke


    Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos Nat!


  • Mary Bennetts


    Wow you have seen some amazing things, lucky girl



  • Rose Curtis


    love your photos… Death Valley is one of my favorite places, I camp there every Thanksgiving for a week! I have to go visit Joshua Tree next! =)




    It looks like you had a great trip! I have never been to California and it is on my “Bucket List” of places to go :0) Great photos!!!


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