Graffiti, Ghost Towns and Gazillion other photos

What a blast! It is no secret that I truly love California- the more as a couple of really dear friends live in and close to San Francisco. It was a bit crazy doing this tour before CHA – but it was WELL worth it :)

We had some fun shopping and strolling through different neighborhoods

dreaming of living there and taking photos of street art. One day we will be there…or in New York…or not- LOL

Love those fishies and the black, white and orange colors

and hanging out with friends

Then we headed to San Jose where I taught 3 classes at the Scrapbook Island. Such an awesome store and an extra huge classroom. I loved it and had a great time. Here are some girls :) It was wonderful seeing Emi, Erin and Christine then later again at CHA – I missed Laurie there though.

A special thanks goes out to the Scrapbook Island staff who did a tremendous job helping me before and during the classes and also to Christine Delgadillo – who is not only an extraordinary teacher but also a wonderful helper!! Thank you girls!

I was turned into a 49er fan this day- and was telling all I like that Smith guy in the team (they have three of them- LOL). I’m not sure my hubs is happy about it…he is a Giant’s fan ;)

We went to the Death Valley National Park – and it rained -which blew my mind- LOL -but it was somehow fun to see. I mean- it never crossed my mind that it could actually RAIN in the desert but of course, dummie!

Amazing landscape – Artist Drive with different colored rocks- I think this was my favorite of the Death Valley National Park.

Badwater – stunning! And somehow the bad weather made for some really beautiful sceneries.

We drove a lot and sometimes….to fast….AHEM – here in Germany we have radar and you get a “nice” picture in your mail and a message with the ticket about your speeding. I only knew the cops get out the car thing from American Movies – my husband found it quite funny that I was so excited about this – he hadn’t had a speeding ticket since we live in Germany- all I say is AUTOBAHN – I guess he got spoiled. Well – it was a pretty expensive excitement and for the rest of the trip we behaved!

Ghost towns – pretty cool. It is so surreal – having those buildings in the middle of nowhere.

Loved those sand dunes at the Death Valley

It always baffles me in America when you are at a place like this and every couple of miles everything looks totally different.

Are you still here? Well…hang in there…LOL – more photos from my trip tomorrow- and yes – CHA photos are coming too – but those are coming last ….I like it in order…hey- I’m a Kraut ;)


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  • Mary Bennetts


    Fabulous pics, a bummer about the speeding ticket :(



  • Rose Curtis


    Gorgeous of course! actually have a blog about Death Valley.. I need to update in since my last trip.. you captured it’s beauty!


  • AnnaB


    I really love seeing these photos Nat! I need to travel more! :)


  • Marjie Kemper


    Fantastic pics… wow, the ghost towns and desert look amazing.


  • Sue Clarke


    Beautiful photos as always Nat and how nice that the police gave you a new experience to scrap about.


  • shire


    aaaw…sooo schöne fotos!! ich möchte auch unbedingt mal nach san francisco!!! ein großer traum von mir.


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Ohhh Du wirst es so lieben!!! Ist so schön in San Francisco! Ganz liebe Grüße und einen wunderschönen Sonntag :) Nat


  • SusanJane


    Aww. Makes me miss the desert! Death Valley is huge so it’s an illusion that something different is just around the next corner. And they do ticket! Thanks for sharing the photos.


  • Nancy Sapp


    Nathalie – Beautiful pictures of Death Valley! I live in central IL & have never been to California. I hope to go someday. At least I can DREAM about it!!

    LOVED the Jump Start videos & tips from all the artists.


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