Hej, Fika and Tack – or 3 good words to know in Swedish

hej! (hello!) – back from Sweden- where I had an amazing time teaching at the Scrapbooking med Hjärta Event. This time I promised myself to take more photos – and my new phone helped ;)

The event took place at an AMAZING school in Järfälla near to Stockholm – seriously- I have never seen a more beautiful school – first sight outside are benches with amazing quotes.

And then….See the name of my classroom- ohhhhhhh – loved it so much :)

I had a blast with my students- they were so fun and open to try new things and it was also lovely to meet some old friends I knew for some while in person for the first time and again :) )

“my” Eeva, who lived many years in Hamburg and her sweet sister Eve

Anna Björklund who I know for so many years and finally got to meet- such a Sweetie!!!!

Marja- another Cocoa Daisy Girl- she so rocks!

and here is Ulrika W.

and finally meeting Jenny – yeah!

And here are Jenny and Helene – who I called Twins because they both chose the same colors- LOL – but the canvases look different! (thank you Helene for sending me those pictures)

and this one made me laugh so hard!

We spent our Fika (Coffee break) with the best cake EVER baked by Ulrika B.-  and other breaks in the teacher’s lounge. My attempts to convince everyone that the baking goods were not that yummie, so that I could sneak in leftovers into my suitcase didn’t work….I should have put Ulrika in – for endless yummie baked good supply.

Seriously- have you ever seen a break room for teachers at a school being so wonderful?

Ingvild and I were laughing a lot

and it was so fun to finally meet Christy – she is lovely

Getting a photo of all of us was almost impossible- snigger- we either looked all in different directions….or we just cracked up!

but wait- here we go —almost ;) – Teachers and the amazing organizers from Scrap-Perra, Scrapgalen and Annelies & Mians Scrap & Pyssel

Tack !!! (Thank you!) so much for this amazing event to my students and the organizers- it was awesome!

I definitely have to come back to Sweden!

Huge hugs to you all



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  • Marja Seidemo


    it was really awesome to see you:-) when i´m in Germany i will give you a call:-)


  • Jessica


    I love your blog, Nice to see al the photo’s from Sweden. Seeing the school in Sweden i might tinking about a job-switch and moving into Sweden :-).

    Last week we where for a holiday in Germany, Are you comming over to the Netherlands in the future for such nice workshops?


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Hi Jessica, LOL- that was what I was thinking “I could work here as a teacher” ;) I would love to teach in the Netherlands again – but have not yet found a store – any suggestions? Have a gorgeous day!!! nat


  • zoegakatten


    It was a fabulous weekend and I was so happy to see you…!!!


  • Helene


    Tack, Nat!! It was so fun and you are such a sweet person!! I hope you come back soon


  • Sue Clarke


    What a teachers’ lounge! Love the name Sunshine Room and those benches are fun and inspiring. That pic with just part of your face showing is so cute. I expect to see it in a LO soon.


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