La Dolce Vita Part I – Rome, Italy

I am back from my workshops and vacation in Italy. Boy it was fun…and the weather was amazing…and you know what this means? It means picture time ;) Lemme start with the first part of sightseeing in Rome …ahhh Roma…I love Rome. 14 years ago I was in Rome for the first time, as a student…I lost my heart to this city.

It is by far my favorite city in the world. I love Italy anyway…well- as a half Italian that is not a wonder, huh? LOL. I think actually my chatty fun part is the Italian part , the one talking to you right now ;) and the orderly, punctual part is the German one- hehehe. It is two souls in me…fighting with each other a lot ;) But anyway…stop rambling…

My hubs joined me this time, having himself a conference in Rome. He did a lot of research and found an amazing apartment in Rome – with a wonderful terrace looking towards St. Peter’s Basilica. We spent a lot of time on that terrace and had a lot of meals (and also some drinks ;) )  on there.

The first evening though I took my husband to a restaurant – La Veranda. There are some wonderful memories tied to that restaurant as my friends and I back then …starving students- LOL – splurged in the most expensive dinner we ever had back then, in a very fancy restaurant right around the corner of Vatican city. It was delicious and we still talk about this a lot when we see each other. They treated us like kings although we were obviously looking…ahem…not like their usual guests and we were loud …but they laughed at our delighted “ahhs” and “nom noms” and I think they had as much fun with us as we with them…because we weren’t the usual stiff crowd…. They even made an effort of treating us extra nice and we had like six waiters…and they liked us even more when we also paid- LOL. Anyway- much to my delight I can say, the restaurant is as awesome as it was before….The food….soooogoooooddddd

My husband and I had a day overlapping of the conference and the workshops and each of us had a full day alone sightseeing. I had decided since I had visited the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum extensively as part of my art and history excursion as a student, that I just wanted to stroll along the sights a bit

It was funny, because looking from the outside I recalled how amazed I was when I was inside and by the fact that they were able to empty out this almost 2000 year old stadium that could hold about 50 000 in case of an emergency in about a couple minutes. Weird the things you remember, eh?

This by the way also reminded me on what an amazing amazing teacher I had. Mr. Willbrandt…you were awesome – I think you are retired by now and I hope some day our paths cross again and I can tell you what a wonderful gift of teaching you had! Loved every single lesson and especially the Rome trip with you!

I walked a LOT…and every corner you turn – you see something else that is full with history and beauty…you can feel the history in this city…

Meeting friends in the evening was another highlight- here is the #iahappycab group reunited ;)

Friday morning I spent more time strolling around…and ….guess what…I WALKED A LOT  .

Indeed I walked sooo much that I needed to refuel on calories ;) and  Barbara from TimbroScrapMania invited me after setting up the workshops for the weekend, to Fassi to eat to the hugest ice cream I have ever eaten in my entire live

…(yes the ice cream is almost as big as our faces…and believe me…I have a huge head ;) )… I couldn’t refuse….

And so couldn’t the Italian Firemen that just parked their “little” truck at the side of the street, making everyone in the store jump up and run out to see if there was something happening. A group of firemen …eating gelato….not too bad of a sight ;) ;) ;)

Oh wait…where is the picture of the guys????…sorry to let you hang…I still do not like to take pictures up close of strangers…I think it is a bit rude sometimes when people push their camera in stranger’s face and I hadn’t had my big lens with me.

Next pictures I show you will be from the workshops – it was such a good time.

Have to catch up on emails and stuff…and please cross fingers that our luggage will be found and sent …sigh

Where did you eat the best ice cream ever?

Huge hugs


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  • vanessa


    Tu e Barbara bellissime!!


  • marjiekemper


    Really enjoyed seeing these photos… we were just there for the first time in June, and the memories will live on forever! Best ice cream question… THERE!


  • Sue Clarke


    OH NO, lost luggage? I hope it is found or you will have to go shopping for new shoes and such.
    Wonderful photos…thanks for sharing as always Nat!


  • SusanJane


    Growing up my best friend and her family made home made ice cream with real cream and real fruit or vanilla beans. Simply to die for!


  • rains


    Loved seeing these pictures. I just returned from tours of Northeast cities (NY, Washington and Philly) with my son as a history lesson and I loved the walking! I miss city walking. My favorite ice cream was at an organic food conference called Terra Madre in Turin, Italy. Amazing Gelato! And proscuitto!! : )


  • mjmarmo


    Wonderful photos! Sounds like a great time!


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