La Dolce Vita Part III – a little bit more Rome


Tired of my photos…hold on a bit more- LOL- don’t forget this blog is also a memory for me….for later to come ;)

After the workshops hubs and I had a whole day for sightseeing and to us – we went first to St. Peters





and we decided to hike up to the cupola



because you know…14 years later you have forgotten that it is a LOT of steps and that you do not like it so narrow….


actually you forget that right away again …once you are up there…and that is why I have to put it in this blog…so that 14 years later I will remember ;)



It was then time to go to the Vatican Museum – which overwhelmed me again


It was FULL. But as a short person you have a pretty good chance to detect amazing stuff there on the ceiling…it relieves you from having your nose constantly in someone elses elbow or worse …armpit.



This room had a very calming mood – probably because it was just beautiful and not totally overwhelming with art…because there is not one single space in this museum where you can rest your eye. Yes yes…I know it is amazing…and yet…it feels so…..BAM…



My favorite part of the museum was the modern art area right before the Sistine Chapel – and actually I didn’t remember ANY of this from 14 years ago. Wasn’t it there or was I just not interested in it back then? Oh well…



AND hold your horses…before you scroll further down…I need to do a Disclaimer:

Attention: This Blog Post and the VATICAN MUSEUM contains art work that shows nudity and some cruelty, if you have a problem with this, you might be better off looking at something else :) . Don’t email me to complain, don’t visit my blog anymore because I might post things like this again and for sure do not take your children to the Vatican Museum!






Then we were at the Sistine Chapel- you are not allowed to take pictures there…well I did, but since I am probably already in BIG trouble because of my disclaimer…I might hold off to those…and you know the pictures anyway as photo-postcards, right?


We had a nice break afterwards and strolled around and then went to my favorite building in Rome- the Pantheon. 126 AD …..and you see this inside…I mean….WHOHOO


Perfection….amazing…breathtaking…are you still there???


Are you tired? Well believe me…we were pretty tired after that day too – we went after the Pantheon to Villa Borghese, did a little bicycle tour – I spare you with those pictures- LOL and had a nice dinner. But this post is photo-epic enough – and I still want to bore you with some Capri Pictures later ;)


Which building is your favorite if you have a favorite one?

huge hugs




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  • vanessa


    Attenzione!! ihihihih bellissime foto!


  • Sue Clarke


    Saint Peter’s is just beautiful. So much incredible art up, down and all around you. TFS your memories with us Nat.


  • mjmarmo


    Wow- so pretty! Have never been to Rome. Love your ceiling shots!!


  • Jessica


    Ich liebe Rome auch sehr viel, und das schönste “building”, vor mich ist St. Peters. In zwei wochen fahren wir nicht zu Rome, aber zu Koln, das ist auch schön. Mein German language ist nicht so gut, aber es mach spass in German ein comment eingeben.


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