Los Angeles…and other fun areas :)

So sunday my NEVERENDING fligth to L.A. started. It was actually neverending since my kindle died on the way over and I had no paper book with me…grrr.


so I played a lot with my Itouch camera…LOL – Hipstamatic- so fun – here is btw the first view that night of L.A. – such a bad pic- but hey…that is my only memory, because I basicially was in a Koma the last three hours – LOL


I stayed the first night with Heidi and Jette from Denmark and we had a  fun evening and dinner. Can’t wait to see them in a couple days again :)


Monday I saw then Marcie, who did so much for me- what a sweetheart! We did a Scrapbook-Store Road trip which was really fun and interesting. Today we finally visited Disney Land. With a cute four year old it is the biggest fun ever- just to see the fun in the kid is worth it big time :)






Tomorrow I will check out Hollywood a bit more – so I better go to bed now…in Germany the day already started :) Have a good one!

  • Kim Sonksen


    Woot Woot – glad you arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the fun ride!


  • Sue Clarke


    Looks like you are fitting in tons of fun during this trip!
    Maybe as you travel more your body will function on every time zone at once (doesn’t make sense, but it’s wishful thinking for you).


  • sylvia


    oh Nat, it looks fantastic! hope you awoke from your coma well and are now diving into your adventure!! hugs xx


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