Photos: Australia Part III

It was so crazy busy the last days- I wasn’t even able to post the next round of Australia pictures, LOL- so maybe you are ready now for the next  ones :)

I loved all those cool- totally unusual road signs while one the motorway







Our biggest trip was to Taree to teach at Scrap a While – we were 7 hours in the car- also due to a really bad traffic jam. But we were at the BEACH- yeahhh !


And here we had a lot of us Tattered Angels DT Girls on one place :) Peg, Sherry, Mandy and me.


It was so wonderful to spent time with you girls!!! Thank you for coming!!!

My husband and I met then as it was halftime and Easter and we had a little minivacation in the Hunter Valley, which is the Wine Country in NSW. We had a wonderful time and relaxed quite a bit.


These were the views from our private apartment


And then of course we had to go to a zoo – cause – Hey…I was there already for over a week and no kangoroos yet. I was soo ready to see skippy but all the efforts by my fellow Australian friends to show me wildlife were not awarded (well- they are awarded by me- you girls were sooo cool!!!)

Look- two of them…eh…LOL


And this is a Wombat who just ate Corn…LOL.


And are you a Bugs Bunny Fan like me? Remember the Tasmanian Devil? Well- LOL- although the Tasmanian Devil wasn’t as mean as in the Cartoons- LOL- there were some similiarties in the way it moved, the sounds it made and the reaction to food- LOL- hence this very blurry photo


And how I managed to get a blurry picture of the slowest moving animal in the world..this super cute koala might be a mystery to you…but hey- once he figured it might be feeding time he got quite quick!


And just because this photo cracks me up so much…another kangoroo pic :)


so one more post about Australia and then we will move on to Singapur :) Thanks for letting me share! Have a gorgeous day!

  • Peg Hewitt


    It was so awesome to meet you irl, I totally loved the class and learning some new stuff about Tattered Angels products!
    So glad you finally got to hang out with some Aussie wildlife, come back soon y’hear :-)


  • Michelle Jackson


    Hunter Valley looks just gorgeous!!! What an amazing trip. Love that you finally got to see Skippy. :)


  • Sue Clarke


    Wonderful!!! I really like the one of your hubby and the kanga looking at each other (long lost sibs?). LOL
    The trees ones are also beautiful and I don’t have those crossing signs here at all!


  • sylvia


    aren’t wombats the cutest dudes ever ever ever??? thanks for sharing!


  • Conny


    ….soooo schöne bilder! und du hast bei den landschaftsfotos auch den moment so gut erfasst, dass man das “feeling” beim betrachten bekommt…. nach den fotos schafft mein mann es ja vielleicht doch mich dorthin zu bringen ;-)

    die verkehrszeichen sind genial hehe und meine kids sind begeistert koala&co …

    danke fürs teilen!

    lg conny


  • Mandy C


    Enjoying all your photos and reports from your travells, hope you get to come back again soon


  • Kim Sonksen


    hahahaha, the last picture totally cracks me up!


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