Portland Part II – and Waterfalls

Einen lieben Nikolaus Euch allen! Ich habe die Stiefel meines Patenkindes und seines Bruders bereits gefüllt – das ist genauso aufregend wie selber Stiefel rausstellen- LOL.

Happy St. Nicolaus Day! I already filled the boots of my little godson and his brother (that is the German custom – the kids place their self polished shoes/boots the night before the 6th outside and if they were nice they get them filled with Sweets by St. Nicolaus). I was as excited to fill them as I used to be excited to receive them as a kid – LOL

But her are more pictures of Portland and…Waterfalls :-)

I really loved the brick buildings in Portland – I have a soft spot for brick buildings!

and for pizza – LOL

oh and for coffee

The coolest thing on our last day in Portland was the huge Saturday Art Market. Wow. Lot’s  of stands with wonderful self screen printed T-Shirts, self sewn clothing, self crafted jewelery, lamps, wallets, purses, – everything just handcrafted. This places spilled over with colors and inspiration – I was so so happy there! I bought myself some beautiful earrings and we bought a lot of cat and dog toys (well….we have a soft spot for animals too – LOL)

And we did all this whiles listening to this wonderful group of young people singing 80s songs a Capella- awesome

And then we went back to Seattle – with a picnic in the car and a different route this time – the Historic Columbia River Highway. BEAUTIFUL.

We had our picnic outside in the sun – still pretty cold  – with this view:

And Waterfall number I. on our way…I have to look up the name again – mmmhhh

And then a little big bigger – the Bridal Veil Falls – you hear it around the corner while hiking:

And then the Multnomah Falls which are the second highest year round waterfalls in the United States – pretty impressive – I tell you!

It rained – and so I did not a lot of photos there -my little camera got wet :(  – this is just the upper part of the waterfall.

and the lower part of the waterfall – you have to connect those two photos in your mind- LOL

And some last impressions before it got dark

The next day we flew back to Newark on the Eastcoast and more with the last photos about it later :-)

Have a gorgeous Saturday!

  • Gretchen


    Awww!! You’re making me homesick, lol!!


  • Cat


    I have a picture of all the same falls as we took the same route back to Washington from a trip to Portland one time….sounds like a great road trip…did you see Mt. St. Helena (is that the name of it??) in the background as you drove?


  • Michelle Jacquemet


    Wow incredible shots! I have some similar ones of Maltnumah falls & the Columbia River Gorge. So jealous that they were so full of water! TFS!


  • eef


    wow what a beautiful pictures…again! Would love to go there, it has been ages since i was there :-) xoox


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