Seattle – oh how fun!

Puh – endlich habe ich meine Fotos runtergeladen und aussortiert  – hui hier sind ein paar :-) Seid mir nicht böse, dass ich nur in Englisch poste heute :)

Puh – finally I downloaded the photos and organized them – so here we go :-)

The flight from Hamburg to Newark took 11 hours instead of 8 hours. We had to fill up fuel in Newfoundland as the headwinds were stronger as expected and the weather in Newark was pretty bad. It took also longer as the pilot had to pay the 15ooo Dollar bill with his very own credit card and it wasn’t authorized for so much. I wonder how this conversation went “Hey Hank, fill it up please and two Slim Jims to go!” LOL


We had a nice family dinner and met the newest member of the family – Maui – my brother in law’s cute new dog.

The next day we got up at 5 am to go to the airport. It wasn’t bad as we were still on German time – but the 6 hour flight felt as lasting for EVVVVVEERRR. A nice treat was the photo of Mount Rainier from the plane.

In Seattle we had an amazing bed and breakfast place at Capitol Hill with two rooms- the living room included a fireplace. Right around the corner of our house we found this newly painted garage door – love it.

We met our friends K. and M. who flew in from San Francisco to see us and who had amazing news for us. We celebrated the news and K.’s birthday and had a wonderful evening!

The next day we went with our friends to the Experience Music Project– which really rocked. We had a lot of fun there and I just love the Gehry building.

and doesn’t the sky here look like a face?

We went up to the Space Needle and had a great view over the city and saw the mountains- gorgeous.

It was pretty windy up there…can you tell?

We went to Pikes Place Market -I boy….I love love love this place!!!! The very first Starbucks is located there too and – LOOKSIE – the label was different in the beginning- LOL . Had to be pc-fied – I guess – LOL.

And those guys really made me happy- I loved it – you can catch a glimpse of my shoulder too – LOL. Listen to those street musicians:

The market itself was a eyecandy and ….candy – LOL

hehehe- and this one I love- LOL

Seattle reminded me a lot of Hamburg- with all the green, the water and the harbour.

More tomorrow :-) I hope you like my travel stories- LOL.

  • Andrea


    WOW – was für geniale Fotos – schön, dass Du wieder zurück bist und dass Ihr sone tolle Zeit hattet!!!! Und Danke für eine Dosis Urlaubs-Feeling durch die Fotos!!!


  • Fienchen


    Wow – die Bilder !!!
    Und das Lied – irre, wie die Jungs das rüber gebracht haben. Bist du mit der Heckklappe zuammengestoßen ? *lol*.


  • Daphne


    great storytelling with pictures :-)


  • Karen Auld


    The last photo reminds me of the one you gave Bill.


  • barbara


    Love the song!!! They look so much like the same photo’s my sister too when she went there!
    I NEED to get me a good digi camera. Start saving those pennies!


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