USA Vacation – some pix and stories Part II

Alrighty…want to come with me for the rest of our roadtrip? Here we go- LOL.

We went from the Grand Canyon through Monument Valley to Moab. Quite a long drive- but …I tell you the landscape was amazing. Lot’s of photos out of the car while driving.

We arrived late at the Redcliff Lodge in Moab and the next morning after a nice and hearty breakfast we went horseback riding. So fun!

Here is Buttercup my sweet horse- she liked to be photographed :)

Here is my peeps :)

Here is me – LOL – well – of course I thought the whole time I look really cool – kind of like John Wayne…but this one…not so cool ;)

He …looked really cool!!!!

Close by is Arches Nationalpark – so we went there later ….Roadrunner and Koyote Land! Or how we called it ACME Land- LOL

See this bug?  We had seen it in Sequoia too and wondered what it might be. Somebody came along and called it a Potatoe Bug and I finally found some info on the Internet. Actually it is a Cricket. Very interesting!

The Landscape Arch which might be falling down in the next couple years

And the Delicate Arch

And one of our many Album Covers…naaaaa –get what it says???

The next day we had a short stopover at Bryce Canyon – I want to come back and spent more time there

and then we continued to Zion where we stayed down in the Canyon in the Lodge. We went for the Angels Landing Hike the next morning. Never a good sign…if it starts with a sign like this:

It started all easy peasy :)

little zigzag upwards

It was warm…

until we came to the part which is called the Refridgerator Canyon…

And then we had a lunch picnic break and there it was….the Oh-Shoot-Indicator! Chains – nothing on the sides…but I decided I try

And I was scared and realized how much I like my life …

So Karen and I decided to stay right there …Bill came back five minutes later…taking care of us girls ;)

While my crazy hubby was going to the end – and I was scared with for him. After over an hour I was a wrack.

When it came to climbing down while holding on to the chain and looking over the edge I really freaked. I almost cried and I cursed…the whole time. sorry about that…but I couldn’t help myself. And …I wasn’t the only one. I saw 20 year old guys going down on their behind and freaking. I know it doesn’t look bad…but it was.

but see- here she smiles again ;)

So that was a lot of Zion- but I had to tell you- LOL. And then the next day we had to drive to Las Vegas where our friend’s flight left and we drove till late night till California where we stayed in a Motel near Gilroy.  We woke up and spent a wonderful morning in Santa Cruz.

Loved the Pelican just starting to fly

and those Babes just hanging out

We went up the Coast along Highway 1 and stopped here and there

It was like a mini vacation during vacation- LOL

We went to the airport, flew to NJ where we stayed another three days with family and friends, filled with great times and laughter and then went back to Germany. It was amazing! I have seen and learned so many things during this trip. What a beautiful world we live in!!! So that was it… next time crafty stuff again – promised! Have a good one!

  • Michelle


    I really enjoyed seeing all of your photos. Can you believe I haven’t been to any of those places? Shame on me! They are on my to do list. Better get on that…


  • milkcan


    WOW! What an amazing looking trip! I’m so jealous!


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