Whoosh…or whirlwind traveling

There I am…back from what feels like several months and not 3 weeks of traveling- LOL. I did so many different things in different places that the feeling makes sense ;) First on the list was Canada Toronto – Sightseeing, Meeting Friends, Teaching Workshops, then off to the U.S. for CHA, Meeting Friends and then to New Jersey for Family, Friends and Taking Workshops :)

And you know I love to share my photos, thoughts and experiences from my travels- so I will dedicate several posts to this past journey ;)

so my frist stop was Toronto – where I was picked up by my wonderful friend Bettina who also owns myStamp Box . We had lot’s of fun- and she and her family made my stay so sweet and wonderful! Thank you!!! Here is Bettina showing off that she was driving around the whole time during the European Soccer Championship with the German flag (she is German too)…oh brother- LOL

We did some fun sightseeing – and I have to say I love Toronto. I had no real picture in my head, although I heard before that it is a beautiful city- and I loved it a lot. It had a European but still huge North American City flair, lot’s of green, cute houses and very clean (I know it is strange to think that…but yes…that was my impression ;) )

We went to this really cool area called Distillery District. I loved the brick buildings- I want to own one :)


I love old cars- this one was standing around


Lot’s of fun stores there too

Marilyn was made out of bobbins and Bob out of Rubik’s Cubes.



We took the ferry to Center Island- wonderful there and spent a couple of hours walking on the island enjoying the weather and coolness on the lake.


Loved those on the wall of a fun cafe in Bettina’s neighborhood


On Friday Barb, the wonderful owner of  Bizzy B’s took me to the CN-Tower.

Barb and Toni are the coolest and warm-hearted store owners ever …but that I will talk about in a different post about Canada :)


The view from the CN Tower was amazing and worth the wait.

I was also introduced to the Canadian dish Poutine. Very yummy and very unhealthy- LOL. Somehow it is always that way, right?

We did walk a lot and it was HOT – and I mean HOT with a huge humidity…wow…and I liked it ;) I am a summer person- I do miss real summers in Hamburg.

I will show the pictures of the workshops and talk more about the trip soon.

What was your latest trip and which kind of food did you get to know there?

Have a gorgeous day





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  • Bettina von Gross


    Wenn man weiter wegwohnt, kann man sich besuchen und viel unternehmen! Habe schon Pläne für ein nächstes Mal. Aber erst sieht man sich in HH! Und Danke, dass Du mich als Flaggenfahrerin geoutet hast – LOL


  • Pearl Maple


    Toronto is a great city to explore Nat, looks like you had a great time with the discoveries of Poutine and the islands


  • Sue Clarke


    So Nat, how would you re-purpose that car? A scrapbook storage item?
    My latest trip was to Washington, DC and really I got more than my share of McDonald’s. But we did have some yummy tofu pad thai in Chinatown.


    • nathalie-kalbach


      lOL- that is a good question- not sure what I would do with it- but if I would have a cool large garde I would plant stuff in there and have nature taking over :)


  • paula cheney


    I loved Toronto too when I visited…we did many of the same things you did…CN Tower, the ferry to the Island, the Poutine. I thought my husband was going to immigrate when he found that Poutine was on the menu at Costco. That man would eat an old shoe if it was covered in gray.
    Great to see you at the CHA…


  • The Rock Chic


    Loving the photos. So glad you had an ace time across the pond and how fun that you got to meet Bettina!
    Have to say though that the Poutine do not look appetising…I thought it was maple syrup and candy on top of them which would have freaked me out even more…hahahah


  • margm3c


    I love Toronto especially the Distillery District. The only thing I do not like is heat and humidity so go in the fall. Next time you go you need to walk Queen Street so much to see.


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