Whatevers Part Three – Distracted Dude

A couple years ago my friends Vic Chrisman, Cat Scanlon and I founded The Whatevers, a Creative Storytelling Project. In a nutshell we decided to give old discarded photos we found a new life by telling the story of those shown. The three of us wrote an article for the recent Cloth Paper Scissors Issue – and we decided to revive the Whatevers every Wednesday this May on our blogs :)

Here is my project for this weeks’ photo

“Uncle Alfred always was a bit different and they couldn’t believe it that he ruined that he ruined the very pricy family photo by distractedly looking into the other direction. Little did they know that Uncle Alfred just saw the world in a different way and that right at that moment a miracle had happened.”

For this spread I stamped with the Versailles Negative and Positive and the Buenos Aires Border Foam Stamp using acrylic paint. After the paint dried, I brushed yellow acrylic ink over parts of the spread. Love the effect. I printed out the photo on printer paper and cut the family out and painted over them with acrylic paint. I also added my star tag stamp in different colored ink, rotating it and adding some strings with a signo pen. (thank you Marsha for that inspiration!)

Now let’s check out what Vicki and Cat did with the photo and in case you want to play along with us -here is the original photo for you. Share with us what you came up with on the Whatevers Facebook Page or leave a link in the comment section :)

Here are the supplies I used for my page – some links are affiliate links:

P.S: Don’t forget that the Artful Adventures: Stroll Through the Hood Challenge and Free Class starts today!

Comments (4)

  • Vicki


    Your color use is always amazing! Love!!!


  • Cat


    I love the bright colors and how you created those lovely layers! You’re foam stamps are so amazing! I wonder what the miracle for Alfred will be, are you going to reveal it next week? I love this so much Nat.


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Awe- thank you Cat! Ha…I think no-one will ever know what the miracle for Alfred is but it is sure colorful ;)


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