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Connie from 21 Secrets recorded a fun conversation with me with some fun questions about my journey as an artist, about my art itself, persistence, and how to deal with rejection and there is no shame , and other things … I had a great time – I always love when questions make you think and realize things for yourself.

Here is the interview it is about 45 mins long (boy yes…I have a lot to say – LOL)  – hope you enjoy it :)

21 SECRETS Conversations with Nat Kalbach from Connie Solera on Vimeo.

Thanks Connie for having this fun conversation and also for having me for the 21 Secrets Spring Workshop.

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  • Joi@RR


    This was wonderful Nat. I did/have 21 Secrets and of course… as always… you were/are one of my favorite teachers. GREAT interview – so fun – enjoyed it so much that I was sad that it ended so quickly (well it seemed quick!!!). j.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Thank you so much Joi :) So glad you enjoy the 21 Secrets workshop !


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