Hamburg Workshop day at the n*Studio

This saturday I had another workshop day at the n*Studio here in Hamburg. It was as always fun- and we were quite laughing about the fact that every time we do a summer workshop in my studio- it is the HOTEST day of the summer too …and it was HOT…as my studio is right under the roof- but we had lot’s of fun :)


We started with the “Chalk on the Wild Side” Minialbum workshop – you can see the cover of the album in the front left :)

Lot’s of techniques with Prima’s Fluid Chalks and PanPastels.


The second workshop was “Portrait of a Lady” – and it was again so much fun seeing the results.

totally loved this Lady-Dog Portrait :) It was a fun and awesome days with my “Hamburg”-Students. Thank you girls for coming and also for the yummie food treats (Liz – Hubs is still inhaling your Elvis-cupcakes ;) ) you all brought and to those of you who traveled again several hours to Hamburg :) You rock!

The girls picked the next workshops …which are being created right now – and we picked together the next workshop day at the n*Studio in Hamburg. It is going to be January 5th, 2013.

Die Mädels haben die nächsten Workshops und auch den nächsten Termin gewählt. 5. Januar 2013 hier in Hamburg. Es gibt nur limitierte Plätze – anmelden kann man sich nachdem ich den Hamburg-Newsletter in den kommenden Tagen mit Details über Workshops/Preise – rausgeschickt habe. Der Fairness halber kann man sich erst nach Versendung des Newsletters anmelden und wer zuerst kommt, ma(h)lt zuerst ;)

Wishing you an amazing day – waving from unusual hot Hamburg :)





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  • Lisa Flaherty


    Who wouldn’t put up with 1000 degrees in order to spend time in the studio with you???? :)


  • Martha Richardson


    I love this process that you have designed…it really allows you to see how others react to what you are teaching!


  • Marsha.


    Those Portrait of a Lady results get me every time you show them. So cool and a


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