Photos: Australia Part II

Let’s continue the pictures of my journey…I told you…you will have to go through this- hahahah ;)

After two days in Sydney I finally met up with my friend Sherry Mendoza who had organized the whole trip and workshop tour- and let me tell you – she did an outstanding work. We went to her favorite Junk Yard first ! Boy that was fun! I have actually never been to a junk yard and after a short hesitation I digged right in and found loads of fun stuff.





Sherry also lives close to a cemetary that looks way older than it is. Perfect setting for some late night Halloween photos. I tried day time first…too many spiders and snakes- LOL



And then the workshops started- it was so much fun! I loved that all the students created something different and that they all enjoyed freeing their Creativity :) I had a blast. Here are a couple pictures from Workshops at different stores I taught at.








Here is a picture of me where the Dog sits on the Tuckerbox – 5 miles from Gundagai :) Apparently there is a song about this:


We drove a lot and I loved the landscape and the very intense colors. Here are drive by photos ;)




What I will never forget and was one of my favorite in Australia- is the shapes of the trees- I loved it – I think if I see a movie now with just trees shaped like this- I know exactly :)


More to follow :)

  • Peg Hewitt


    Wow, those girls created amazing canvases!!! All so beautiful!


  • sylvia


    amazing amazing amazing Nat! I’m so thrilled for you, it looks like you had a fantastic time!
    can’t wait to see the next round of photos (honest!!)


  • Sue Clarke


    Love the photos (especially the ones at the workshops)…great smiles on your face Nat!


  • Martha Richardson


    I want to go to the junk yard!!! Great travelogue…the Travel channel might have to get a hold of you!!


  • Linda64


    Great pictures and that junk yard looks like a real fun place for treasure digging… Hugs


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