Photos: Papirfest – Norway, Stavanger

I had such a blast at the Papirfest workshops,event and during sightseeing. Thank you so much Grethe and May Lis and all the numerous helpers for taking so good care of me and making my stay super special!

The whole journey was sourrounded by…in retrospective funny stories- LOL – beginning with my flights. From the school class – including a young girl that never flew before and her stupid boyfriend telling her all about planecrashes next to me – I was about to say “hi pretty girl- you so deserve better, dish him” – LOL – to the members of a well known motor cycle club where one had a special discussion with the steward why an economy class ticket means economy even when you are huge, tattooed and not really comfy in the small seat. And then at the airport how I was witness how said members of the club were instantly greeted by a huge bunch of police and arrested.

Linda Brun, who is the sweetest !!! – picked me up from the airport and we went to the beach right away – so wonderful and beautiful light!






The classes were so much fun – the girls were all amazing and I loved how different again all layouts and minialbums turned out :)


I crashed into bed and was all of a suddent awake at 2am when I got a phonecall by a dear friend who forgot the time difference from Australia to Europe- LOL – and then at 4 am – when I thought – wowsie- my cell phone alarm is REALLY loud – I realized- no …it was the firealarm. Great…everytime I’m sleeping at a hotel there is firealarm. Makes you think…hum? So I told the girls in the hall way that I don’t care- I stay in the hotel room (that is sooo wrong I know- but I tell you I was sooo crashed). As the alarm did not stop and I was in floor 14 it dawned on me “I don’t wanna die”- so I ran down the fourteen flights – met all my jammy girls – LOL – and we stood there for an hour until the firemen assured us it was indeed a false alarm. Back in the room some neighbors unbeknownst to me thought it was a good time to celebrate their survival by being extremly friendly to each other…so it was it with the sleeping- LOL.

After an amazing yummie breakfast Ingvild Bolme picked me up- it was so awesome to finally meet her and we had a great time together in Stavanger.




Beautiful white wooden houses in the old part- I loved them so much!


We went to a Sardine Cannery museum and learnt a lot :) especially how you could recognize back then which worker handled which machine when outside the cannery ;) – and I figured that they painted the little silver plastic fish with Glimmer Glaze to make them look smoked – If I have to guess…Cowboy Glimmer Glaze-  snigger



We had some yummie Cheesecake and chatted even more






And the end of the sightseeing was the Hafrsfjord – Swords – a national monument – very impressive!






I was really sad to say bye bye to Ingvild- but I know I will see her soon again :)

The second round of classes was wonderful too – I had so much fun – but I forgot to take pictures- really bad!

We all were pretty tired when we went to the hotel…only to realize, that right next to the hotel was a huge Techno party going on -I could hear the beats till 3am on the 14th floor- crazy. At least no firealarm- LOL.

The flight back was …interesting- LOL – since the same mentioned passengers from the flight to Stavanger were brought to the airport by the police and accompanied into the airplane.

As said it was awesome! I love Norway – or at least what I saw so far – the roughness, light, the people- wonderful country! I’m sure I will be back one day!

  • Maia Lurry


    yeah,I just thought you might want to know that your blog is messed up whenever you view it on my iphone. I?m not positive if it’s some thing to accomplish with my telephone?s browser or your site? just stating…


  • Ania


    LOL! Haha..glad you had a great time :D


  • Linda64


    Hi Nat!
    Great post and fab pictures.. So nice to spend the weekend together with all the fun and crazy things happened. I’m really looking forward to september..

    ps. where did the ‘us on the beach picture’ ended?? :-)))))


  • Ingvild Bolme


    Great post Nat! ;O)
    Thank you for a great day, I had an awesome day with you Nat! Can’t wait to see you again soon!



  • Kim Sonksen


    Norway is an amazing country – I love it there.
    Awesome pictures and even better stories :)


  • Wenche


    Hi Nathalie :)
    Thank you so much for a great weekend!! It was so nice to get to know you and I’m sure that you will remember this trip for a while *lol*
    Big hugs, Wenche :0)


  • Sarale


    Hey Nat,

    was für eine Geschichte, da ging es ja Rund auf Deiner Reise, liest sich richtig gut!




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