Über*Media…all the way ;)

Über*Media is my series of online workshops that is dedicated to different kinds of media that cross a variety of materials. These classes are a reference guide for you, showing all kinds of possibilities and techniques using certain paint products etc. with different surfaces and media.

You can work in your own pace, whenever you want….and you have access to a huge amount of fun techniques, tips and tricks, tutorials, projects and art journals for years to come as long as they are online (meaning as long as I am alive and the n*Studio exists)

My new Class starts today:

Acrylic Paint Online Workshop:


Also available for sign ups are those classes – the whole content is already published.

Pan Pastel Online Workshop:

Check it out here

Gesso Online Workshop:

Check it out here

I would be thrilled to have you in any of my classes :)



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  • Denise Morrison


    wonderful class ideas Nat. Love seeing your workshop photos as well.


  • Lisa Flaherty


    Such a great lineup of classes, Nat! If I weren’t so bogged down in work-related “stuff” (having your own business, you know that the workday NEVER really ends…) and wasn’t already in an online class that I am having to ignore for the moment, I would SOOOOO be in this Acrylics class! That said, it is high on my list, so when I am on the other side of this crazy biz transition, I think an Uber Media class would be an excellent reward for myself!


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