Über*Media Gesso Workshop starts tomorrow


Über*Media Gesso

If you have troubles watching this video in this format – you can also see it here: ( I will always provide two options :) )

In this Gesso online workshop we will start with the basics of Gesso and in five lessons over five weeks we will make our way up to more complicated techniques. This workshop is jam packed with techniques and ideas with Gesso!

Check out more infos here: Über*Media Gesso Sign Up and Class Schedule

I’m so looking forward – it is going to be fun!

Due to popular demand and getting lot’s of emails asking about it, I decided to reopen the Über*Media PanPastel Online Workshop earlier again. So as of now you can sign up again for this 6 week-long extensive workshop. It starts on February 5th, 2012 – you have access to the classroom till July 31st, 2012- Check it out here .


I wish you a wonderful day! I’m having a really bad cold right now and hope it will be over soon….but there is a saying in German: “Without medicine a cold will stay for a whole week, with medicine it will stay for 7 days.” Two Days down….5 more to go ;)


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  • Alice pace


    Awesome products! can’t wait to see it in !the stores


  • Riikka


    Gesso is my new love :)

    I just have to thank you of the Jump Start – my creative mojo is on a whole another level now!


  • Jan Hennings


    love Gesso and all the products by Golden :)


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