Workshops at PortraitBug New York City

So finally I can show you some pictures of my workshops in NYC at PortraitBug. It was so much fun. Kim the owner is amazingly sweet as well as her hubby and her cute little daughter. I had a great time staying there and I’m sad that Kim lives so far away- it is as she and I connected :-) I also loved the staff – Boys and Girls- you rocked and kept me sane! Thank you so much! Love your spirit and energy! The workshops were creative and fun. I didn’t take photos of my very first workshop with the kids on Friday afternoon – I think I have been a bit too excited – but it went very well and I loved the creativity of the kids!!!

Friday evening I taught my Brayer Workshop two times – which was a lot of fun!

Afterwards was a crop and I went to bed at 3 am. I was unbelievable tired but nonetheless my head was spinning and I think I slept at around 5 am and got up again at 7am. My next workshop on Saturday after sorting Materials and Organization stuff was the Canvas Workshop –  I loved how differently all the canvases turned out and I had a lot of fun and wonderful conversations with all the different women in this class!

I love how this looks like a little Porsche in the City :-)

Brigitte – maybe I’m coming back but otherwise take classes with Julie- she rocks the house!!!

And yeah – a yellow city taxi!

After the Canvas Workshop I taught my “Make It Flatter” Workshop and forgot again to take more pictures :(

Those two were so cute- I loved their laughter :-)

After the workshop I walked to the front of the store and there she was, waiting for me….Julie Fei Fan Balzer!!!! I tell you this girl is the coolest- LOL. I love her! And funny enough I felt as if we know each other for a long time. I tried to rub my hands on her arms all the time (I guess she thinks I’m weird) in hope her creative mojo rubs on to me ;-) We went to a Mexican Restaurant, had a lot of fun and ate yummie and then we went back to the store where Kim had a photosession with us. I do not have the originals yet- these are scanned in from a touching card Kim gave me at the end of the workshops. Boy, I have laughed so hard…I cried LOL.

This is my favorite – with Asher in the front -LOL – look at her cute face!

I know we will see each other again :-)

Afterwards another Crop and going to bed at 2.30 am – Asher when started to show me her wonderful doll house furniture very early in the morning “this is the diaper station, this is the rocker, this is….” – LOL – but you can’t be mad at such a cute little English Teacher, can’t you?

So Sunday morning my 4 1/2 hour acrylic minialbum workshop took place and again I had an amazing time will all the girls :-)

A lot of them I have had the pleasure to know online before and it was absolutley thrilling to get to know them in real life! I hope we will see each other again!

Cheryl – oh boy I wish I lived in NYC to join her NYC Scrapbooking Meetups. Girl you got my heart :-)

Jan: Thank you so much for you wonderful ATC and the sweet words- you rock girl !

Jill – you are the sweetest – big hugs to you!

Sandi you cracked me up – you are so funny and awesome! You and Cheryl made me giggle the whole time :-)

Gotcha! :-)

My last class on sunday was the “When I was…” Minialbum Workshop.

Justin – you are too cool!!! And…maybe he will join this years’ Christmas Ornament Swap – he promised Karen- LOL

Harmonie – see- I told you you would love flowers….there are black flowers in the package also – LOL

And my sweet friend Karen came to the workshop too – see her T-Shirt? How cool is that? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Harmonie thought Karen is a weird stalker though and asked her “Do you know Nat? Because this is a bit scary!” I still laugh about this! LOL. And you will see this T-Shirt on more photos soon – LOL

So that were my workshops in NYC! Thank you all again- and sorry for those of you I missed to take photos of – if you have any- send me photos!!!!! If you want some- email me! Maybe we will see again :-)


Off to my workshops in Denmark – You bet you get some pictures about those workshops too :-)

  • Michelle


    Damn, what a marathon! Loved reading and seeing all of your photos. You are superwoman!


  • AlexM


    Wow! It looks like you recovered from your sickness on time. Congrats for your workshops, they are looking amazing!


  • heather


    OMG that looks so great! I would love to join in that kind of fun!
    Who knows, maybe next year!


  • christiane


    LOOOOVE the photos and stories around!! ;)


  • Frauke


    Das sieht nach jeder Menge Spaß aus ! Ich hoffe, eines Tages werde ich auch mal wieder etwas bei dir lernen können und Spaß haben.
    LG Frauke
    PS. Ich hoffe, du hast etwas Zeit und schaust mal auf meinem blog vorbei. Da habe ich was für dich.


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