Workshops in Barcelona – me gusta :)

WOOOWww- it was so much fun! Get ready for a couple posts with photos  :)

Friday after work I made my way to the airport. Already a bit stressed I entered the plane and accidentially put (not knocked!) my laptop bag on a guy’s feet. He yelled at me – although I apologized – for about 20 minutes – which caused me to have two thoughts “keep calm- bad Karma will eventually get you” and “let me be your bad karma and punch you into your face!”. So I arrvied after the 2 1/2 hour flight in an even more stressed out mood and the fact, that my luggage was in the totally different terminal to pick up which I and the rest of the plane crowd didn’t figure out for a while, didn’t add to a better feel. And then I got out of the terminal and…nobody there. As it turned out Lisa had been to the wrong terminal too. I waited for an hour, freaking out, realizing the phone number I had with me was wrong and ..I had forgotten to write down the address. Just let me tell you, I thought that this is going to be the most nightmare-trip I have ever started…nearly close to cry- LOL – nearly close to have a little melt down. And then there she was: LISA – LOL. And from there …it was the coolest trip ever ;)

We had a wonderful family dinner on the roof terrace, a good talk and I slept very good! The next morning Lisa and I get into her car and she brought me to the beach, where we had breakfast.

We ate Pa amb tomaquet with egg omelette- so yummie.  I loved the conversations with Lisa– she rocks :)

Then we went to Lisa’s studio where the workshops took place and it was so much fun with the first workshop – Eternal Love. The students totally put their own twists to it and it was amazing to see the outcomes. No layout looked like the other! Lisa did an outstanding job organizing the whole workshops!

We had a nice lunch at a restaurant – yummie gazpacho – and paella and I loved talking to the girls.

Afterwards the second Workshop “Tribute Album” started. All the students were so fun and free and heartful and Lisa did an amazing job translating and making everybody feel home!

And there was also a male student – Angel! He came with his little daughter and seemed to have a good time too :)

Mireia and me. Mireia was such a sweetheart and waited till I had packed everything and brought me to the hotel- which was a long trip because of a traffic jam- I loved it so much. She told me a lot about the history and art in Barcelona and the outlet of the city. She knew so much. Thanks again girl!!!

And here is a group photo – some students were gone already- but I love this. (I stole it from Lisa’s Blog- ahem :) )

Thank you so much Lisa, Scraphouse and to all the wonderful students I had the pleasure to meet this weekend!

I will post a lot Barcelona Pictures the next days- hope you don’t mind- but this city is just an inspiration with no end!

  • Michelle


    Oh my, I’m glad the nightmare stayed at the airport!


  • heather


    How wonderful! Everything looks so cool. (Well, except for the airport bit.) The artists did such a great job.

    I LOVE the quote! I think I will lift it into something for my classroom.

    Thanks for being so cool to read!


  • Kim Sonksen


    I love the pictures – it is so clear that the time you had was fab. But girl HOW do I feel for you about the flight and the arrival. I would have totally freaked, and cried, and cursed. Well done you for keeping your cool


  • Julie Ann Shahin


    Hahaha! i love your thoughts on karma, especially the second one! beautiful layouts made in your class! i’d love to see Barcelona. thanks for your support on my news!!!!! love ya!


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