My new Oldtimer Stencil with Stencil Girl Products

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Scrapbooking Layouts, Spraypaint, Stencils and Masks

This Oldtimer Stencil makes the third stencil with Stencil Girl Products out by me :) The stencil is actually 6×6 inches big- and on my layout you see the bigger version- which we decided not to use- I like it smaller better. But nonetheless this is the design :)


I did a layout using the stencil with Dylusion Spraypaints.


I love oldtimer cars  and I love how you can use it also for more male oriented layouts as well as on art journal pages in the background. Especially when it is the 6×6 size. I will show more samples as soon.


I used the photo before. It totally cracks me up. My great-uncle Hans is in the background, in the front is a friend of him and my aunt Margot with a fishing rod and then…hahahahahah- I tell you what- I didn’t even notice last time I used the photo …my aunt is sitting in the car!


So why would you take a photo of two dudes on a fishing trip, the car placed in the picture and have the wife sit in the car? LOL. Makes me crack up!


Hope you like it :) Here is what I used for the layout:


Huge hugs and have an amazing day




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  • muriel


    Totally love your car! So good, indeed, for male project. And the photo is great,, I especially love the seriousness on your uncle’s friend’s face and the rest of him. I’m sure it must have been a good day.


  • Sue Clarke


    I love the tag with the check list on it Nat. I assume that you made it yourself as the options are not ones that you would normally see on a scrappy tag (especially the wife sitting in the car). Priceless!


  • Lea Kimmel


    Nathalie, I love, love, love this stencil! I have a love for old cars, too! And, I have a 2002 Beetle that is my sweet baby. She’s green so I call her my baby lima bean! Anyway, I love your page! If you ever find out why your aunt chose to sit in the car, let us know. That really is too funny! Hugs!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Love Beetles!!! Fun!!! And I love the name- LOL. I will try to find out why auntie was in the car…I am not sure though she recalls but I can try ;) Maybe the photo triggers her memory.
      hugs, Nat


  • Kathy P


    R E A L L Y awesome stencil, Nat, and great page!


  • elderscrapperAmi



    I love old cars too, most especially the coups from the 30′s made by Ford. Love this stencil.


  • Enikö


    fabulous, Nathalie!


  • mjmarmo


    This is soooooo cool!


  • Daniela Rogall


    Ein schönes Layout, ein tolle Schablone.
    Great Layout, wonderful stencil


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