Jimmy Leslie

About Jimmy:

Jimmy Leslie has always been an artist (beginning with the walls in his childhood bedroom and the desks at school).

After receiving his MFA from the New York Academy of Art, Jimmy spent 15 years as a college art professor. In 2009 he became the Resident Artist for Winsor & Newton and Liquitex Artist Materials, where he gets to play with a lot of paint and direct the Fine Art Collective education program. Jimmy is also the co-Director of the Collective Art Tank of Asbury Park, which is underwritten by Winsor & Newton and Liquitex.

Jimmy is New Jersey born and bred and his paintings have been exhibited throughout New Jersey, as well as New York, Oregon, Texas, Nebraska, Idaho, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois and New Hampshire.


Check out Jimmy’s style:



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Stephanie Schütze

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Schütze is a mixed media artist, scrapbooker, and art journaler with a passion for drawing who lives with her two sweet daughters and her husband in Germany. She designs for several Design Teams such as Donna Downey, German Scrapbooking Shop, and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3l. She was presenter and demonstrator at HSE24 Germany for Sizzix in 2015/2016 and she loves to share her passion through Mixed Media Workshops.


Take a look at Stephanie’s style:


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Gina Rossi Armfield

About Gina:

Gina Rossi Armfield is a painter, photographer, wife and mother. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Mark, two sons, Grayson and Payton, and a herd of furry critters.

Gina started painting when she was six years old and was lucky enough to find many mentors along the way who encouraged her to pursue her talents. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and in addition to painting, spent most of her time riding and showing horses. A passion for the four-leggeds endures to this day and can be seen in much of her work.

Gina received her degrees in fine art and education. She has taught people of all ages and continues to enrich her life by sharing her gifts with others.


Check out Gina’s style:


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Jamie Dougherty

About Jamie: 

Jamie has been involved in the arts since her late teens. She is a self taught artist and her skills range from fine arts and mixed media, all the way to graphic design and sculpting.

Jamie has been in the crafting industry for the past ten years and is currently a Featured artist for Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft and Princeton Artist Brushes. She has had two successful signature collections produced with Prima Marketing Inc, called the Bloom Collection and Creating In Faith ™. Her first collection stemmed from her fine art pieces which have been lovingly dubbed “Bloom Girls” and have become a signature of hers.

Jamie also teaches feminine styled workshops internationally. She lives in Southern California with her husband Lance and their two children.


Take a look at Jamie’s style:


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Glyn Macey

About Glyn:

Glyn Macey can often be found roaming the harbors, moorland and coast of his native West Cornwall, sketchbook in hand, recording the details of daily Cornish life and history.

Using acrylic, mixed media and an array of mark making techniques he captures the underlying essence of the landscape, the essence that shapes the landscape and the people who live in it. Glyn uses acrylic, pencil and collage to gain the spontaneity of his work and the ‘happy accidents’ that he loves. By building and glazing color he is able to gain a rich depth. He believes that the unexpected unity of color and texture in mixed media can often create the most exciting results.

His paintings can be seen at select galleries around the U.K. and in many collections worldwide. His design work is found in major High Street retailers. 2001 saw the publication worldwide of posters by The Art Group and limited edition silkscreens by CCA Galleries.


Check out an example of Glyn’s artwork:


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Tori Weyers

About Tori:

Tori Weyers is a fine artist and designer specializing in mixed media, screen printing, and abstract painting.

Weyers received her BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and has a passion for creating work that engages and delights the viewer with rich visual narratives, strong composition and unique subject matter. Weyers has been a featured artist in Art Journaling Magazine and has recently been published in Incite4: The Best of Mixed Media.

She teaches mixed media, painting and printmaking at the Indianapolis Art Center as well many different in person and online workshops and classes. Weyers creates and shows work from her downtown Indianapolis studio in The Circle City Industrial Artists Complex as well as her home studio in Broad Ripple, IN.

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Check out some samples of Tori’s artwork:



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Natalya Aikens

About Natalya:

Natalya Aikens’ art is architecturally inspired and delicately stitched. She celebrates the beauty of architecture around her. Reclaimed and repurposed materials are in her paint box. She collages and layers, sketches and stitches by hand and machine. Natalya’s camera helps her capture the beauty around her, and technology helps her rearrange what she sees. She uses her sewing machine for thread sketching and then spends many hours of hand stitching on all the intimate details.

Natalya has exhibited her work in juried shows throughout the US. She has been published in Fiber Art Now, Quilting Arts Magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, Art Quilting Studio and has made appearances on Quilting Arts TV. Her art has been on the cover of Quilting Arts Calendar and has been published in Art Quilts at Play, SAQA’s Portfolio 15 – 20, and Surface Design Essentials. Her DVD workshop for Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine is titled Texture Transformation: Stitch Alter Recycle. She is a member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) and SDA (Surface Design Association). Natalya earned her BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and had a previous career in the fashion and film.

She currently lives and works in Westchester County, NY.

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Look at some samples of Natalya’s work:


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