Be Happy With Who You Are…

and Where You Are Won’t Matter



I love this saying- and with my move to the U.S. it totally had to be part of my art journal. Drycha from had sent me some of her amazing little stamps and chipboard embellishment to play with and I had a great time using the rib cage stamp and the heart stamp as well as the chipboard heart. I love anatomical stamps- I know some people find them scary – but hey…it is part of our body :)



I had sprayed one of the chipboard hearts and then stamped over it with the heart stamp and placed it  into the rib cage. And if that is too graphic…I also did a small little thank you card cutting out a heart of book paper and placing a light bulb chippie stamped with a lightbulb inside.



As I have only limited supplies before the container comes it was kind of fun to play with my emergency kit and just use a small amount. Here is my list of the other supplies I used with the art journal page and the card:


Have a wonderful heartful day <3



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  • Carmen Lucero


    Congratulations on your move to the US – Isn’t it amazing the things we can make with limited supplies? I have a room full of stuff and when I started paper crafting all I had was a table full of stuff!


    Carmen L


  • Kathy P


    You do AMAZING things with the few supplies you have, Nat~ Thanks for the inspiration! And I hope you are getting settled in your new home!


  • KateT


    Love that quote.



  • Sue Clarke


    I think the page is very eye-catching. At first I saw the red as blood flowing down over bones and that may be because I’m reading AmericanPsycho right now by Ellis. Love the quote.


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