Getting it off my chest

This spread was basically a good background to get some thoughts of my chest. Just things that were on my mind- I did not write very well on purpose …it was more about the act of writing and be done with it. And it really helped- LOL. Done- so much better.

I had a good time creating this. I used my brand new Valley Road Positive and Negative ArtFoamie stamps. I brayered unbleached titanium on top of the stamps and created a circle pattern alternating the positive and the negative design. I let the stamped images dry and then brushed some acrylic ink on top – the acrylic paint resisting the acrylic ink but slightly taking some of the ink which make the background more cohesive. I never get tired of this technique. Then I filled the spaces between the circles with some muted turquoise acrylic paint and added here and there some gold on top of the design in a thin layer.

I splatted some white ink – on top of my writing to obscure the writing even more and blotted it here and there with a rag. I love how this turned out – the color combination is not one what I usually use but this made me pretty happy  – I think I will use it again :)

Here are the supplies I used:

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