I am the Boss of Me …or In My Art Journal Today


Attn: You are not the boss of me…I am the boss of me and my art

Hach …isn’t art journal an awesome way to get stuff out? I just told someone in an interview that art made me a calmer person and part of this is because I can let out a lot of things through my art :)



This page is actually a page that was a demo page in tow different classes and then I finished it up at home.



I so love the Liquitex Cadmium Orange Hue 2 – so vibrant. I scratched through some blots of spray paints with the bamboo sketching pen, which I had also used with black acrylic ink to outline the woman on the page. I also used a needle point canvas star with the spray paint- fun – love the pattern this creates – also when you flip the stencil later over.

Here is a supply list:


Hope you have fun creating today!!!

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  • Joi@RR


    Ahhh – orange is my fav. Would you believe I have always loved it. Forty-three years ago it was orange gingham for bridesmaid dresses – hehehehe!!! Have to get some of your hue 2 orange Nat! Great colors in this project. Your sentiment is so true. Seems I always have someone telling me how to see what I see – which is not what I see at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work. Have a super fine weekend. j.


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