If you Stumble… Art Journal

“If you stumble, make it part of the dance”. I feel I do this a lot, especially when I create – it is freeing ;)

I had so much fun with this spread. For an assignment I had to paint a floral watercolor painting and I had tons of drafts and I felt it would be a good idea to use them up.

So I made the watercolor paper part of a collage for my art journal. I  sketched the lower part of a body with some ink and stamped over with some of my Stroll Through the Hood and Stroll around the Block stamps. I actually like those pants- LOL. In the 80s you would have not gotten into such pants but now I might reconsider ;) Would you wear them?

The watercolor paper collage is a bit too sturdy for the journal but I can live with that. It felt good to use those drafts up elsewhere instead of just throwing them into the bin.

I also painted some flowers directly onto the paper using acrylic paints and inks and Flow Aid to give it a watercolor effect.

For the journaling I started out writing with graphite and then went over it with a small brush and black ink. It is a great way to do brush lettering even though it is cheated – I can live with that ;) I really liked this- need to repeat, maybe a dress?

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  • Deb


    Really liked this journal layout. Such a different style and different color palette for you. Liked the open white space on this particular layout. Overall a fun and refreshing layout. I like the pants too! Who knows maybe it will be all the rage. Natalie K clothes.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      thank you so much Deb! Ha that would be fun to have a fashion line :)


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