Listen or…Anything Can Be


I used this Shel Silverstein Poem- which I really love:

Listen to the mustn’ts child,

listen to the don’ts

listen to the shouldn’ts ,

the impossibles, the won’ts.

Listen to the never haves

then listen close to me

Anything can happen child,



I created with backgrounds by just using Liquitex spray paints over some gesso textured pages and also through the cut out page. Easy and fun.

Do you have a favorite poem?




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  • KimMJ


    That is such a beautiful page! I LOVE that poem. I had forgotten all it until now.

    I recently started making backgrounds in 2 art journals but have been at loss at what to start with. A poem is a great starting point. Time to crack open my favorite Alan Ginsberg or Walt Whitman and get going. Thanks for sharing and for all of the inspiration. :)


  • Joan vMetz


    I love this poem…. I do so enjoy how you’ve taken this poem and done this page! Thanks for sharing!


  • Tracy


    I’d never read this poem until today, but I love the message. Your did a great job combining the colors and using the cut-out


  • muriel


    This is one of my favourite poems. And I am a lover of Shel Silverstein. I often use his poems to teach English to my pupils. I love how you used your cut out.


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