Sparkle Year – Art Journal

This is your year to Sparkle! – I love all the possibilities that the new year brings, with maybe a fresh start and a burst of energy and enthusiasm.

For my background I used heavy body acrylic paints and white gesso, but also I used the Gold Gesso by Daniel Smith for some serious sparkle with my Art Nouveau Wallpaper and Art Deco Summit stencils.

 I hope you are ready to sparkle :)

Here are some supplies I used:

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  • whyducks


    What a lovely spread, it looks very oriental. I almost expect to see a stork flying by on the pages, very pretty.


  • jamcam2022


    Love the effect of the gold – I too have Daniel Smith Gold Gesso but have not gotten the results you did – will give it another go. BTW, CJS2020 is phenomenal. Thank you for making it happen!


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