Thank Yourself ….OR….Remove the Splinters



a new artjournal page. I am one of these people who like to run around with splinters in their feet..kind of like …maybe if I ignore them or pretend they are not there, they will not hurt as much. But …guess what…they need to be removed…and then you thank yourself. I did this this month with a splinter that hurt for many years…I feel better already… I am healing…. :)



I played with a lot of stuff here- with: USArtquest Mica Color and Perfect Pigments, Liqutex Acrylic Paint and Spraypaint, Crafter’s Workshop Templates, Posca and Zig markers, Cocoa Daisy Banner Stamp, 7Gypsies Tag, FastFoodChain-Paperbag with awesome writing on it etc. Essentially everything that was close to me when I was traveling to New Jersey :)


Artjournaling seems to fulfill two main needs for me: 1. Getting emotions out and 2. playing with artmedia for new ideas and techniques

If you artjournal what are your main reasons to do it?

huge hugs


  • SusanJane


    My journal is a visual way of talking. I think in images and colors not alphabets and words. When I work I try to get out what I feel inside. But sometimes I just try to do something… anything… otherwise I feel stopped up and lost.


  • Anne


    My art journal is filled with “pouring out thoughts” – thoughts I can crasp or perhaps the subconscious… I love it. Often it shows me a new way or a fun picture of something thats in my mind.


  • Charissa


    I absolutely love love love love this. The idea of splinters being stuck in accidentally, sticking around with us (sometimes unknown that they’re there at first) and then they hurt to get out– cause they’re really stuck… that hits home! Love love love. Plus, you did pretty awesome things here with your colors… adoring the visual elements of your page. –


  • mjmarmo


    I have a journal that I play in. It is for trying and experimenting or just letting go. You have to understand my background— I have a twin sister. She got all the art and music genes while I got math and science. She would paint, draw, etc and I just could not. I had no talent and would get frustrated trying. But you know what? I started trying mixed media last year and now I am having fun trying to play with paint. Sometimes it is still not very good but I try and am enjoying it.


  • Sue Clarke


    I art journal to use it as a diary and I like the freedom of not having to “get it right” in terms of playing with supplies. I want my LO’s to look nice but with my art journal I can just do what I want. Crazy but true.


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