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Siri Skoog, Märta Ruus, Camillha Wäfors Fahlberg and Cecilia Ekström, have started an inspiration blog with great prompts for your Art Journal called Art for Myself. They introduce a new theme each month during 2013. The topics are about yourself, such as my thoughts on 2013, my family and my home, this is me, things that make me happy and so on. I am thrilled they invited me to play along as a guest inspirer this month on the theme “What makes me happy”



Wunder gibt es immer wieder – is a song which literally translated means: There will always be miracles
When I read the theme I thought of this song. So after creating the background- layering different colors and stencils I started the journaling which reads:
What makes me happy? That’s a good question…The every day wonders is the answer I would say. Like waking up with my husband and starting the day with a laugh and good breakfast, the cat acting like a 2 month old kitten, my work, colors and paints on my projects and my hands. My friends who love me as I am – their emails or small messages during the day. My family – always there- no matter what. Traveling but also home sweet home – the amazing world we live in – music, art, movies, literature – pretty much makes me happy. And the best
Wunder gibt es immer wieder.
So even when live throws you lemons, the next wonder to make you happy is waiting.



such a fun concept and if you need inspirations or prompts for art journaling- you gotta hop on over to the blog- it is wonderful!

What makes you happy?



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  • Jackie


    awesomness Nat!


  • SusanJane


    Normal is a relative term.
    So is happiness.

    At the moment some of my happy triggers are smells like roses, garlic, sandalwood, hot fresh coffee, early morning fog, and apple juice. Since I’m pretty much house bound it’s the little things that “spice” up my day.

    The bigger happy things are the relative good health of my family so we can laugh together. At the moment I can sleep through the night (instead of not sleep at all, or sleep all the time). For the next little bit there are two professional bicycle races being broadcast on t.v. and one of them is super exciting. And I’ve just started up with a round robin journal exchange which give me fear as well as happiness (I love these and this one is international).


  • Gunvor


    Small things of beauty in nature makes me happy. This morning, the spider webs with dew drops made me happy and I had to get my camera and take pictures of them. There were lots and lots everywhere.

    Stunning art work! Thanks for sharing.


  • Irma


    Such beautiful pages and superb links make me happy…The “Ohrwurm” you gave with the song not so much ;-)
    Hugs – Irma


  • Denise


    What a great post! Makes me happy to start my day.


  • Lena


    What makes me happy? A smile, the humidity and smell of the forest early in the morning, a minute or two in my basement…. SOOOOO many things to choose from! Love it – great idea – these scandinavians sure know how to get you started, don’t they Nat?


  • Sue Clarke


    My son’s smile, my hubby’s hugs and my dog’s kisses.
    Oh, and a soy chai latte and a book at Starbucks.


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