If Our Tree Could Speak…


…well there were a lot of stories to tell…


….how the poor thing got carried through a snowy cold day through the city…and then up the fifth floor and then left out for a night in the dark and cold hallway


….how the next day it was brought in and all kinds of shiny boxes started to appear next to it


…how Babushka said “don’t you worry….I came all the way from New York , my home was Anthropologie and I have a good home here for many years now” and then clonked down and weighs heavy on the branch ever since


…how Bazooka Guy made a scary appearance but then said…”hey…I am just a good guy representing childhood games of the guy called “hubs” – I will take care of you!”


…how this thing with a funny accent said “No worries, I am new here too, eh?” and then said something about coming all the way from Canada and being a present from Barbara


…how Felti from Maine made by Cat, said “Dude, at least you have it warm here!”


…how the shiny dented ball said “uhhh it is nice and airy here, I haven’t been out of aunt Margot’s basement for many many years- I like it – I will shine!”


…how the Santa Dude in the Balloon said “We made it to the big ten, RU RU Rutgers” and is waving his big foam finger ever since


…how Santa Mouse from New Jersey, made by Karen sighed and said “oh no…not again…” dangling from a lower branch and being attacked once in a while by a hairy monster called Niles


…how the Standup Bass constantly pouts because it’s bigger brother in the next room is so much louder


…how cozy and warm and beautiful sparkly it all looks in the evening and how much the tree is enjoyed by the peeps living in this household.

What stories would your tree tell? (go ahead if you want- grab the logo and share your tree’s story!)


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