In My Own World – Liquitex Video

A couple weeks ago Liquitex sent in a little video crew to film me in my studio – and here is the final Brand Ambassador video in my own world :)

It was a lot of fun and I am so fortunate to work with a company like Liquitex that supports me in so many ways! Thank you so much Adam, Sara and Jenna for making me look kind of ok and for editing my accent out ( just kidding ;) )

I am so happy I quit my paralegal job and became a full time artist!


It has been a bumpy road at times but there was never a time I regret my decision!


Self doubts and fears come up all the time- but it is nothing that cannot be healed with a good old painting session in the studio.


Thank you for your support all these years from the bottom of my heart! Your comments and emails encouraged me over the years to go this road! I am a very happy camper today :)


With Love!



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